• “Hey did you get number eight?” Tyler asked looking up from her text book.
    “Huh? What?” I said coming back to earth.
    “Let me guess” she said “your thinking about how your gonna recruit the new kid?”
    “No…” I lied “Ok yes”
    “Haha! I knew it! Hey what’d you say his name was again?”
    “5362” I said
    “Oh sorry” I giggled “That’s the answer to question eight. His name is Taraz Marx, he currently attends Blackwell Academy and has a grade point average so low it not only hurt to look at but made poor Ken cry” Tyler burst out in giggles. “What?”
    “Nothing” she said “it’s just, have you seen MY grade point average?”
    “Yes and it’s so low they hang it up in the hallways during Halloween to scare the students” I burst out in laughter.
    “Hey” Tyler whined “don’t be mean”
    “It bothers you when I make a joke about you but if it’s about someone else your ok with it?”
    “WELL DUH!!!”
    “Oh you did not just duh me” I said
    “Maybe I did maybe I di-“she stopped as I reached for my Uzis “No! No! I absolutely did not no way no how.” She backed away slightly.
    “Tyler Braiton?” said a mans voice startling me.
    “Yeah?” Tyler replied. I looked up to see our schools principal in the doorway.
    “Hello Professor Domon” I said cheerily
    “Nikki Knight” He smiled “always a pleasure”
    “What do you need professor?” Tyler asked.
    “Oh right it’s your turn to get sized for our new school uniforms”
    “Oh ok. See ya Nikki!” Tyler called out the door.
    “As for you Miss Knight I believe you have a new student to recruit” The professor said holding out a box of tranquilizer darts for my Uzi's.
    “Thanks” I said taking the box.

    Finally! I thought as I saw the new student finally arriving to class at least 15 minutes late.
    “s**t!” I heard him think “I hope Jake can make a distraction long enough for me to get in without the teacher noticing”
    “Hey look!” someone in classroom yelled “The house over there is on fire!” Just then the new student snuck in and two minutes later he came out mumbling something about how stupid it is that school would start at 8:00 in the morning. I followed him as he went to get a late slip and most likely a detention slip. As he entered the office I peered around the corner and saw that the secretary had stepped out making him alone in the office. Perfect I thought. I pulled out one of my Uzi's and quietly walked into the office putting my gun to the back of the guys head.
    “Walk” I said. He did.
    “You know” he said after about two minutes of walking in silence “Your not gonna get away with this b***h”
    “If I were you” I replied “I wouldn’t be as reluctant to call the person holding a gun to your back a b***h. Especially me.” After that it was silence until we got to the car. I opened the back door.
    “Get in” I said. He did as he was told. I went around the car and got in the passengers seat.
    “What the hell is this?!” He demanded. I simply smiled and replied
    “All will be explained later” and just as I finished Ken reached over and covered his face with a cloth knocking him out long enough to return to the school.

    Ok so, Taraz had already woken up and now we were standing just inside the front doors to the school.
    “So is it later yet?” he asked
    “Nothing is going to be explained by me we have to wait for” I stopped because just as I was scanning the hall I saw Chill having some sort of spas attack. I pointed to him and said
    “If anyone asks I don’t know him”
    “Ummm… Ok” Taraz said
    “Anyway” I continued “As I was saying we have to wait for professor Domon
    “Ok” He said again. I looked back at Chill only to see him on the floor unconscious. I burst out in laughter and thought to myself It’s gonna be a long day.