• *sighs* Where can I start? I guess I can start with that it's harder for me to talk to them. Both of them are my best friends. I trust them both. But when I found out that they liked each other, well I felt happy for them. My little friend is always shy but she's so cute and innocent. I care for her so much. Then my guy friend...uh...I have no idea. I know that he can be reckless but he's really nice and caring. He'll do anything to make the people he cares about happy. Except no fights!!! No way!!! Well, I'll kick his butt if he does get into a serious fight. So will my friend. Sorry, I think I got off topic. Either ways, I feel like the third wheel since last year. We were all just friends but then with those two it changed. I'm tring not to let it bother me. It was so easy to tell that they liked each other. Many people from our school bother them. If they were going out or they liked each other. Rumors spread fast under one hour at my school. Drama!!!! *laughs*
    Now that I see them I feel happy but I also feel jealously, hate, depression, sick, cring and other emotions. I try to ignore them during school but every where that I turn I see them close to each other. No, they are not going out. *grins* or maybe they are...?
    One moment please....~Difficulity's with Author.~ *Ten minutes later* Sorry about that guys. Needed to do something.
    I don't even bother them about their relationship about each other. I sometimes want to tell them to stop being all lovely with each other at school. More of it and more rumors for everyone!!!! *sighs*
    I tried to talk to them together but I have no idea what to say. The two are always close to each other and well, I won't explain how their eyes look for each other.(Two my best friends: Not hard to tell what goes on between you two!!!!)
    I'm jealous of them because well, they like each other. Unlike me, I hate myself and love. I also I hate most guys. I'm straight but there are guys that well, I won't list on how they act. That's pretty much it for now. Leave comments if ya want. I want to see what you guys say.
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