• Chapter one:
    "Whos calling"

    The boy laid in bed, motionless. lightly breathing, his dark hair covering his tightly shut eyes. He pulled the silky zebra print blanket over his cold, shivering body. Suddenly the small celular device on the nightstand to his right began vibrating. After a second or two it began playing music, irritating music. The boy turned to the night stand reaching over the edge of the bed to grab it. His hand patted around to find the phone. Picking it up he pushed the small green button.
    "Nnnh..... Hello" He said a bit annoyed, as he opened his eye to have a look at the clock.

    "Uryu! Hey its me! Ichigo!" the boys yelled quite loudly in the phone.

    "I-ichogo?" He grunted.

    "Yah ichigo duh!" he said happiely.

    "Do you know what time it is ichigo!" His eyebrow twiching.

    "Hmm nope, haha sorry" He chuckled.

    "ITS TWO IN THE MORNING ICHIGO!" he yelled angrly.

    "Yea?" he said rubbing the ear he had the phone in.

    "nevermind" he said calmly. "So.."

    "Ok. Hey why'd you stop texting me earlier.. I really missed you.
    We hardly talk anymore." He said as you can hear a squeeky door shut,
    and keys raddle in a key lock.

    "I miss you too. sorry, i fell asleep." he said, as he sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

    "Oh okay. Haha, so what you doing anyways?" he said curiously as he walked along the narrow sidewalk.

    "uhm-" He muttered while reaching over the the nightstand and grabbed his glasses, "well just woke up actually.." said as he put his glasses on.

    "Oh? is that so? haha, sorry about that" He laughed as he rubbed the back of his head.

    "No its fine" hearing loud car noises coming from his others side of the phone.
    "Uhm? Ichigo-" (interupted)

    "Haha, call me sensei! haha" xD

    he smiled, "okay sensei haha. anyways what are you doing, it sounds like your by a mains street, haha" he said listening closly for the others response.

    The red head replied nervously, walking faster "Really? haha i-it's suround sound, pretty good huh" he laughed, and exhail deeply in relief.

    "oh? haha, you should turn it down i can barley hear you" he smiles as he stood up and walked into his little pikachu slippers. Now leaning on the rail of the upstairs.

    "uMM" thinking he quicly replied "I cant its a good part haha" he then turned away from the street onto another sidewalk that lead up to some stairs. Slowlys walking up them. The car noises fading, the only noise that was heard is the soft sounds of crickets singing.

    He smiled "What are you doing?" the dark hairded one said curiously.

    The red haired ichigo had come to a dark blue door.


    "Hey ichigo, hold on a sec okay", he said quickly going down the stairs.
    the dark haired boy got to the door, and turned the small lock above the door handle,
    and opened the door. His eyes widened and his phone slipped from his hand, startled and yet suprised, looking almost as if he was about to cry or either scream.

    <<To Be Continued>>

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    Written By:
    Lexie Loo