• One of the things you need to recognize is that the Internet is not even a world. It's not this magical place it's presented as; it's not even a place. The internet, if any world analogies exist, is merely a Two-D script of 0's and 1's being processed faster than your eye can see within your monitor and then presented as possibly recognized photons bouncing off the screen.The only thing that keeps it from being just a tangle of 0's and 1's is the organization, in "folders", that keep information within certain confines so that you may call on them when necessary. These of course are also labeled as 0's and 1's. All in the real world we would think a folder would have to have information in it, in the reality of a computer a folder and it's content are generally widely physically spaced out over the hardrive. It is by chance that two string of codes in similarity will be next to each other, physically, on a hard drive.

    So, this internet, the computer, and all it encompasses are fake. Even hearing person over the phone is fake; as you are not hearing a person, but you are hearing your phone respond to the 0's and 1's it registers from either electricity or radio waves. With this in mind, it's impossible to determine that the internet and all it's transactions hold any real merit, and all your reading right now may or may not be real; just like in real life, except with a greater chance. Everything your reading right now is not something I have said (typed), but something that your computer is presenting to you in photons, and you assume that you recognize and can read the characters. They essentially are fake, and this is the version that your computer monitor presents to you; unless of course your just a genius and your reading the transactions on your hardrive.

    Secondly, words are fake as well. They are artificial, man made products that are essentially insignificant emotion less strings of characters intended upon creating an efficient form of communication. People often times try to tag connotations or hidden meanings behind words when in reality words and language are used to record and explain, describe and ascertain, the vicissitudes which occur in every day life. Because of people’s inability to comprehend these basic notions, they live their entire lives askew, constantly exploding at the utterance of a simple word.

    This words of course, like money, power, state boundaries, country boundaries, numbers, interpretations of religion, the government, and rules are all invisible, fake, imagined man made artificial claims are merely presented for the same reasons computers are; to control, record, explain, organize, and communicate. These are the fundamental principles of man made created systems, and what’s worse about our man made structures of organization is that are not even concrete; they do not truly exist, as a confinement or otherwise, but inside our minds. Our interpretation of a situation is usually worthless in a situation like because the true, concrete facts and postulates of the given situation is that in reality, the situation doesn’t exist at all.

    Yet, here you are, trying to not only use a fake system, but trying to imbed a fake system within another fake system and gather some form of meaning from them. The uselessness of your actions and of your intentions are far beyond what you could previously present as ‘fake.’

    If you truly looked at the way the world was, you’d realize these things, yet apparently you are incapable. Perhaps you can learn.