• My memories still haunt me
    My past just won't let go
    Time and time again
    Tears fall into my lap
    I don't know why
    They won't let me relax
    Pain is all I know
    Pain is my life
    I just want to be free
    Free from this life
    My dreams are torture
    They build a coffin for me
    My emotions are incomplete
    And so is my heart
    Shattered with disbelief
    Like a winter storm hold me in sleep
    Cold like fire on a summer's eve
    Yet the fire doesn't burn me
    It keeps me in my memories
    Of which I no longer need
    I don't need the pain
    I don't need a lesson taught
    It wasn't me that left
    It was him of that winter's eve
    The coffin still remains
    But it’s filled with someone else's blood
    I don't care no more
    Not even if he's my father
    Death and life can fight for him
    I’ll just sit and watch
    I’ll pray for death to take stand
    And watch him fall like grand’s of sand