• I am an good person and I love cats and vampires and I have an special gift in me and my family know that not many people can do what I can do of an long time I have lots of friends in real life not much throw.
    People thank that I am ugly and but that is hurtful to me sometime I cry. I can't stop thinking what people say about me. They make fun of me and say bad things about me in real life. Here they do not know what I look like. I only counts with it is inside the person not the outside.
    One time I saw a ghost outside of my window and it was a man. I did not know what his name was but he was mean at first to me. He was tall and normal not fat not skinny he saw jest normal. I like him when he stops making fun of me. I love my body even that I am so skinny. I thank about happy things when I am sad. Boys do not treat me kind or nice or all of those things the people say things to me. Ever when I like a guy but he does not like me at all that is jest hurts. If you do not it will be in your soul forever even when you die with you getting older like me. I have been keeping things form my friends and family that I can't not tell anyone do you know how that feels to keep that in side of you.
    Now you know that what my life been. Now my life is getting better than when I was 1 throw 13. I have been getting pushed and punished and bullied but people and neighbors. I did not like that. One time I got every bad hurt. I when home cry that how hurt I was that saw last summer right before I was going to be in 9th grade. That saw a boy that hurt me. I am in special needs not all special needs jest for things that I am not suppose tell you people. I am sorry it is personal. I was adopted form a faraway place form here when I am living now. I wish that I can tell more. So people are nice to one another. People please jest be friends to people that you know ok do not hurt any people feels or you will hurt yourself too. Life is hard to life in then death is so easy to life. Boys are nice to girl as girls be nice to boys.
    One body’s likes to be pushed around like I have been. Jest give in little love to people that you know in heart. Do not let them down or yourself down too. Jest be happy if people are bulling you jest fun away and tell someone that loves you or listen to you.
    By Cutenicegirl4evr