• okay,so its my birthday i was really happy i was walking down the stairs as my mom handed me a Idog (that wouldn't shut up) and a jade necklace (OK) then i got up and stuff enjoy homer simpson while everything pasts:
    okay my sister broke our uncle's wii system so we went to the store ON MY BIRTHDAY we were supposed to go to "Blue Frog" it took 5 hours... they couldn't crack it so we had to buy another one by this time i was crying soft... when we were leaving my dad asked where do u want to go to dinner jade? i said i don't care ask her (i point at my sister) he says fine we'll go home to eat ... then right when we start walking he says "IM SICK AND TIRED ABOUT THIS FAMILY" i shivered. so we went to pizza hut... i ate and stuff (time passes)

    when we got home.. we took the cake out it looked AWESOME but the once i tasted it i all most chocked it was AWFUL it was coconut (i don't like coconut) and ice cream with jelly and whip cream. i let my dog eat it then GUESS WHAT?!?!?!
    i had a dream about ***** bear r**** me... awesome huh.......