• ok so theres this one night were i was dreaming..all of a sudden all i heard was a scream...i looked behind me and all i seen was pure blurriness.. so i looked in front of me and i seen it all clearly..then i turn back around and i see this little 13 year old girl who had her lip behind her teeth and i see fangs.so i said "who are you" and shes like "if u wanna know then your going to have to follow me."so i followed her and when we got farther away then where we were,i couldn't see her i said "Wait..w..w..where are you?" and it was all blurry and silent.then i heard a devilish laugh behind me so i turned around and i see a devil..so i thought wait a minute a DEVIL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i thought he was supposed to be in hell??......!!!!so i said "go back to hell u red piece of thing"we both laughed silently about what i said.i started bursting into screams.
    Then when i stopped screaming,everything was clear as day and silent as a still day with no breeze...there was nothing here to see no reptiles,ghosts,devils,angels,bugs,nothing..

    And that's when i started to wake up