• "Jerome, you are hereby sentenced the death penalty for high treason." Kamber slowly reads in a business women's voice. "Jerome? Is this true?" Her hand slams the letter down on the mahogany table right in front of me, forcing my plate to lift a bit off the table. Kamber's able eyes scan over the now pressed flat letter, going over it again and again.

    "Kamber, look-" I start, trying to calm down her furious glare that suddenly surrounds me. "It's a simple mistake."

    "Simple?" She booms, her once perfect face now turning demonic. Her blonde hair acts as razor blades, slicing through the air as she shakes her head. "This is high treason, you never told me of any of these actions, especially the one of triple identity. You can't go to a different country and use a fake name but a real credit card. You know this, we've been over it." My sister's glare is turning more deonic with her every screaming word.

    "I told you, my credit cards got stolen." I answer softly, walking across the kitchen's cold tile floor to the fridge. Reaching in, I fill a glass of orange juice and place the carton back into the fridge while pulling the glass up to my mouth. I begin to drink the contents, the pulp still in the juice sliding down my throat.

    Kamber quickly swats the cup with her wicked hand, forcing glass to shatter when it hits the tile floor and orange juice spreading over the floor. Looking back up, I see tears fill Kamber's eyes as she looks down at the tile floor. Our parents were both executed for leaving the country with fake passports; the once called human rights no longer exist. We were found too young to know the difference, as a result we both feared leaving the country, but we know that we need to get out of the European countries, even if it means reaching forward to the risk of execution.

    This letter would surprise me if it did not completely rip out Kamber's heart and throw it against a wall forcing her to only see her blood leaving her still beating heart before death. The worse thing to die from, and I do believe she feels I have committed higher treason to her than I ever could against this country. She knows that there is always a second option to the death penalty, exile. Either way I am sentenced she will never see me again. We are the only family that each other has, all our other family members are not allowed to visit us, the government believes they will fill our minds with "Criminal thoughts."

    "I won't let them take you away from me, not without a fight." Kamber whispers in a harsh voice while watching her own tears fall from her cheeks and hitting the kitchen tile. "Ask of exile, ask for it and I will beg to join you, no matter where it is...I don't care. I just want to live a life with all the family I have left." Her words, probably similar to our parents' when they were deciding what to do, just like the millions of other family members when the laws were set in stone.

    "And go where? They will never take the plea for me to be exiled, our past permits us only to be assumed criminals...face it Kamber, we only have a few days left until we will be separated, and it is just how life is these days." I answer her, holding her shoulders to keep her from collapsing onto the floor.

    "I will beg for death if you are sentenced execution, you know I will." Her able eyes look back up at me, still filled with falling tears. "You always keep such a straight face and never seem at the least scared. Growing up, you were always the courageous one, I want to show the courage and take this death rather than live a life without you."

    "You are weak to think that death will stop this pain, that is all the one who started this war thought. Look death brings everyone sadness, sorrow, and everlasting pain. Think what would our parents think if they were still alive. They would hate to see their son die, but to see their daughter die as well? It would break their hearts..." I try to calm her, using a soothing voice as I did when we were young and she feared the dark.

    "Whatever choice is proven in the court of law, I will not lose you, even if it means being accused of the same or similar crimes. Our parents are long dead; we should only join them together." Kamber cries, burying her head into my shoulders. I pull her into a hug and we fell to our knees. Orange juice surrounds us, creating a type of barrier between us and the real world.