• The Taxi Cab

    It all began when me and my wife were ready to go on our vacation. But we forgot one thing. the cat. We picked up the cat and put him into the backyard. Right after we did that we looked outside to see that our taxi was here. We both together went outside and got into the cab and shut the door.Right at that moment i saw something strange. The cat somehow got back inside.i told the cab driver that i forgot to say goodbye to my mom. So I got inside and went upstairs to find the cat. in a flash i could here hissing from under the bed. So i checked the bedroom. .........when i got back into the cab my wife wisperd if i put the cat back outside? Outloud i said, ''that thing was puting up a fight cause it scratched the heck out of my arms. So i pulled her out from under the bed and grabbed her by the neck, slapped her, and put her outside. The cab driver was very confused because he thought that the man was going to say goodbye to his mom.

    poison lips 123