• They've cut off all communications with me.

    It feels like they ripped me from their hearts, and threw me into the darkness.

    I am alone. Every minute, it's either I laugh because something gets me to, or I'm depressed.

    I am now wearing a mask of happiness, for it hides my depression.

    Have they left me? Why? It's so unbearable. Even now, my heart, torn by past events, is beating in pain, for a deep wound has been added. I was let go, and I will never see them again.

    I will never see her again.

    My chest, it feels like bursting, for it is hard for me to contain my anguish and sorrow. Once more, my heart is breaking. I... Don't want this to go on forever. Damn, sooner or later I'll revert to my old self, it's inevitable.

    God, help... My heart is being shattered as I write this, the strength of my will... Is fading. An entire year. I must try...

    I must hang on... It's my struggle now.