• It is clear to some of us now that a lifetime is full of events. Death, poverty, wealth, friendships, love. There are too many things to go on and on about when it comes to a person's life.
    Things happening in a lifetime are all connected. Whether it is attempting to ride a bike, or applying for a job, accomplishments are really what hold us down. One leads to another. The motivation and joy that comes from being congradulated and appraised is a muse, so to speak. It inspires us to keep going.
    With accomplishment comes the typical trial and error. We try and fail, but eventually, we accomplish. Through those foreshadowings, we later see the result of our win against nature. Sometimes, people are even attracted to a person due to their accomplishments. collegues meet fellow collegues and friendships form. Those friendships, then, are tested with your social standings and loss of a loved one.
    As you can see, this world is full of people that go through all these things. Now the both of us, author and reader, can come to an accord on something. A lifetime is not too long to live to the fullest.