• A 6 year old Kali smiled at her mom from the passanger seat in the family car, a black pick-up truck. Chelsea, Kali's mother smiled back for a moment and the next thing they knew, they where spinning out of control...then darkness.
    Kali and Chelsea were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Chelsea suffered 3 broken ribs, while Kali was blessed with a only a minor fracture in her right arm.
    The child service lady told Kali that she would have to live with her aunt for a while, while her mommy got better.
    Kali and her brother, Eddie, and sister, Cassie, moved in with thier aunt Angie.
    They lived with her for about a year, their cousins became their brothers, and auntie Angie became mumzey.
    Things were going swell, and they had all but forgotten their real mother.
    Until one day, Fathers day 2005 to be exact, Grandpa and Grandma Vandenorth called, asking us to go to their marina. Kali and her siblings were young, and their little minds had it set in stone, that when they visit grandma's, they get cookies. So off they went without a fight.
    When they got there, they jump out of the car and ran inside.
    Their was a lady, whom the van de north children vaugly remember. when she called out Kali's nickname, "bear~bear" , Kali ran into her arms yelling to her momma. Thier mother had dark bags under her eyes, and her face was as pale as the white blouse she wore.
    Then she told them.
    The kids coudnt belive it, their dad is gone.
    died from overdosing crack. Resulting in a heart attack.
    Chelsea told them "Daddy has gone away, He was called to heaven by god himself, To become an angel"
    Cassie cried.
    Eddie raged.
    And Kali...
    just stood there.