• A girl always walks by and expects to have someone say hello; thats how I feel. Even though I never thought of having people ignore and reject, it never really got to me. I liked to walk around with no one around me or by my side. No one could annoy me, I would be in peace and ready for my next class. I only used mornings, lunch, and after school to talk. I got great grades and everything was fine, until I turn back to my memories of why I turned "depressed", as some would say.
    It was a nice morning on Monday. It was warm and there was no cloud in the sky to make a dark day. I had just come back from my trip to California with my friend. I wanted to go find her so then we could talk and possibley just walk around before the bell rang.
    I couldnt find her and by the time the bell rang I thought she was late. I walked up the stairs with some of my other friends and was happy, nothing could bug me. Then, there she was. At the top of the stairs was my friend in a usual casual outfit that we all loved to see her in. My friend Keara got to the stairs first and hugged her, then came Jane, she hugged her also. By the time I got to the top of the stairs she was walking away with them. That moment, that terrible feeling inside me had me shocked. I went to my locker and placed everything away.
    By the time lunch came my friends caught up to me. I didnt say a word. I walked down the stairs as they fallowed me. I didnt want to be even more mad and make everything even more terrible. I saw my classmates sit down at a table and I took the corner of the table and looked to them. I didnt say a word yet. I didnt want to talk or eat. Just the thought of the morning being ruined I frowned. They all looked to me and sighed.
    "Whats wrong with you Rachel?" Izzy asked me. I just looked to her and shook my head. I placed my head on the table and finally spoke. "Nothing." I said. They nodded their heads and just ate and talked.
    Lunch was over and I walked to the stairs to reach my locker. I took out stuff and I feel being slapped.
    "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Keara yelled. I listened to it echo through the hall and sighed. "I just want to be left alone and be on my own for a bit. I would like to think about school for once." I said quietly as I walked down the stairs for my next class. I reached the middle of the hallway as people past me and Keara. She scolded at me, but I some how ignored it as I thought of our assignment that was due today. "Can you quit that?" I asked as I kept walking down the hall. She shook her head and sighed. "You're difficult to understand Rachel, youre still a mystery to me even though we've been friends forever. Why is it that I can never tell if you're mad or sad?" She said as she walked into the classroom. We were early and it didnt mind me. It took a minute for me to think before I responded to placing my books on my desk. "Keara, the only way you would know is if you'd study my emotions more then my words." I said quietly as I sat down. She looked to me and sighed. She walked away and headed to her seat. I took out my planner and wrote down the assignments that were on the board and closed it. Before my eyes stopped the blurriness from the bright lights I looked to a note that was on my desk. I opened it and sighed, it read: "What the hell is up with you today? You're being complicated today, you went from happy to down right depressed." I looked to Keara and crumpled up the note. I took out the assignment that was due today and watched as more people staggered into the room. The teacher began to speak and class began.
    It was the last period of the day and everything was fine. None of my friends were in my class to annoy me. I looked to the people across the room and just waited. The bell was about to ring and it was almost a mass destruction. I watched the clock and listened to the teacher blabber on about something. 'Just five more minutes.' I thought as I leaned back in my chair. I stayed quiet and closed my eyes. This day had seemed like a dream, to bad it wasnt. The bell rang and I looked to the teacher say good-bye for our weekend. I got up and went straight to my locker. I put everything away as fast as I could and went straight down to the buses. I was away from them and was about to be next to the people who would rather listen to problems then talk. I smiled in happiness and heard the bus' ignition start. I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes. "Peace and quiet." I mouthed to myself as the bus started to move on.

    That day was terrible and it wiil always be stuck in my memory; playing like a broken record over and over. Before I knew it at the end of the school year Ashley had turned into the kind of person I despise. She always did the wrong thing and was around with all the people that I hated. She started to skip school and all my friends liked her, except for a good amount of ten people. I've never spoke to her again or walk next to her durring P.E again. I feel different and now I'm my own person. I have a friend that I can release all my feelings to whenever some thing desturbs me. She rocks and I hope I never loose her as a friend. Ashley has done other terrible things too, but I think they're a bit more personal that I got ahold of. I wrote a note to her one day and she seemed even more P.Oed at me. I'm happy with my life too and I have less friends, but It doesnt matter to me. I see what really matters in a friend and nothing will ever stop me.
    All the names portrade in my story are fake for the sake of their identidy. I hope that you enjoyed reading my shortened story of my worst day durring middle school. It doesnt matter anymore though, I'm in the future, not the past.