• Prologue

    i came out. i screamed and screamed. and finally i could breathe. i didnt see much. everything was a blur. i heard a sweet but weak voice. the voice said"hi baby girl,im your mom". i felt safe with this mom person. then i heard a voice that said"kristine you need to rest here ill take care of her". then the hospital feed me and cleaned me . and they also put me in a incubator. and then everything was dark. i started. yawning and yawning and then there. i was fast asleep then 2 or 3 hours later. i felt something mushy all the way down to my butt. i cried and some nurse came. she changed my diaper.then instead of taking me back into the dark room.she gave me to that mom person.mom said"thank you i wanted to see her"the nurse said"for our records she needs a name.mom then said"a name,a name............"moments after that she said"vanessa,vanessa is her name"the nurse then said"what a beautiful name,i will surely tell the doctor.i quicky guest that was the guy.the guy that took me.mom then ask the nurse to open the window.the nurse did then she left.it got cold even if i was in a blanket.the warm breeze came.i cried.my mom picked me up and snuggled me.it made me feel safe.she started humming and her humming came into a song.the song was soft and mellow.i slept again.when i woke up i found other people in the room.it seemed like 8 people.grandpa,grandma,2 cousins,aunts and finally uncle.after 1 hour someone came.i had this persons eyes.he was my dad.the day went fast.the next day i finally got to go home.when i got home.they took care of me.and soonly enough i feel inlove with them.months past.and soon i could talk and walk and eat.i wasnt spoiled but i got an eye for fashion.mom said i picked out my outfit for the day.more months past and finally i was 1 year old.i had a birthday party.the cake was half vanilla,and half chocolate.there were many colored balloons.we had my party in our house.our house was 4 bedrooms,2 and ahalf bathrooms,1 living room,1 reading room,and 1 play room.we also had a pool.mom and dad never let me outside.they told me i can go when im four.in the party neighbors,and my families came.every one calls me nessa now.it was my nickname.me and my neighbors got to play in the play room.after that we ate cake and cookies and drank milk.i loved my strawberry milk.it was goooood.yum.4 years later.i could go in the pool.i took swimming lessons.and i could swim.i was fast.the water was fresh and cold.i swam only on hot days.it was nice.after that summer.i went to kindergarden.i had my first friend.serena.we met at the start of the line.her full name was serena marie gonzalez.i told her my name was vanessa mikaela ramirez.

    anyways that all i written in 3 days
    i just started it
    anyways enjoy