• As i arrive at the office and take a seat, I noticed there was an old lady of considerably old age.Her body covered in various bruises and a bloody medical eye patch covering her left eye.At first i thought she was some drug addict or some kind of psycho.

    I couldn't help but look, and feel sorry,also i felt dishearten at the fact that such harm could come to an elderly like that.She noticed i was looking at her and in act of cowardice i turned my gaze discreetly over to the tv, Puertorican tv isn't really the best in the world but i couldn't help but laugh that instant i saw a clown get bashed on the head by a giant ball like object.So the old lady looks at me and asks :

    "Hey son, what is your name?" Her voice seemed creaky and trembling,im guessing age has to do with this.

    "Hi, im Manny." As soon as i said my name she smiled and slowly stood up, with her slow pace she managed to get to the seat next to mine and she grabbed my hand.

    "Thats a nice name sonny,My grandson is also named Manny, hes about twenty four years old about now, He looks kinda a bit like you, Such a handsome young man."At first i felt completely creeped out, But i looked at her eyes and her intentions weren't ill, i figured she probably just felt lonely and wanted to have a conversation.

    "haha im about to be twenty four years old soon!" I said while grinning, she couldn't help but pull a solid laugh that sounded more like a hack but seemed to contain a bit of joy.

    "so where is your grandson? im hoping he didn't leave you here all alone." I felt the need to ask her this, no good grandson would leave his grandmother all alone in a doctors office, MUCH LESS with her injuries.

    "he went out to get me breakfast" she replied with a stern tone, her gaze turned down to her hands and she seemed to be twiddling her fingers.

    "Is something wrong?" I asked, concerned about her well being.

    She grabs a firmer hold on my hand, her voice seemed to tremble more and her eyes clearly were starting to well up a bit."Its just, I was in a car accident and my leg hurts alot."
    I looked down and noticed the stitches on her leg,they were purple ish and seemed a bit infected.

    "Oh don't worry, that scratch wont kill ya" I said to her in a solid tone, boasting with confidence and made her smile a bit.

    After a while of random talk,and much chat i couldn't help but feel as if i was being treated like a grandson,it felt nice to be honest. I was called in to see my doctor.As i stood up i couldn't help but notice her sad eyes and her lonely expression. I felt a bit crushed to see her like that since i had grown a bit fond of her after a bit of talk. Me being a softie i said " Il be back" in the terminator like tone jokingly, and managed to squeeze out one more smile.

    Once inside and the door locked, i felt a bit daring and asked to the nurse" What happened to her?"

    The nurse looked at me with a serious glare, she shook my shoulder and told me to leave her alone, shes gone through a lot.
    I felt even more concerned and begged her to tell me.

    She looks at me and lets out a long sigh,"She was a week ago in a huge car accident here in the 44th interstate,her daughter,and two grandsons were killed in the accident."
    I felt a cold chill go down my spine, and remained speechless for a bit.

    After the Doctor got to see me and gave me my meds i walked out and there she was ready to greet me again. In all honesty i couldn't hold back and i hugged her and told her "take care of yourself!" while trying to force a smile for her. she hugged me too and said, "You take care of yourself too Manny. Also I always told my son, don't rush through life , take it easy and enjoy every second of it since you never know when it will end."
    at this point i barely held back my tears and just walked off and waved as i opened the door and left.

    Today i learned something very special, Be nice to everyone since you really don't know what they can, have, or are going through.