• You say she's the one, she's perfect. You changed you're everything just so she'd except you, and maybe love you like you love her. There's nothing you want more than to have her, you're telling me all these things, but you don't realise that i've heard it all before. You use to say those things about me, but the only diffrence is that, you didn't have to change for me, i accepted you the way you where and i loved you for everything it was worth. Maybe now i realised that to you it wasn't worth much maybe nothing at all even, you're words didn't mean anything, you're " i love you" 's where fake. I was so torn up in my emotions that i thought, i thought that it was all real. I made you out to be someone, someone you never where. The better person, why? I was blinded by love, manipulations? but it was you. Everything about you, everflaw i fell inlove with, but still i'm sitting here, listening to you tell me about how she's you're perfect one, you're "Dream Girl". I use to be you're perfect one, I use to be you're dream girl, I use to be all you could talk about. Now i sit here and wander what will it take, this girl you talk of her like she puts the stars in the sky, i wander what it will take for you to realise she won't love you. She won't love you the way i love you. I'm moving on, its been too long for me to linger on you and i deserve to be treated better then that. But, i still wander how long this girl will be you're "Perfect one". . and how long it will take you find something better. Like you said to me, " sometimes better things come along".
    I'm not sorry for not being something better for you, i'm sorry you couldn't see that i loved you for every single flaw you had where everyone else looked past you, and looked past the fact that you put the stars in my sky. Not anymore, you don;t put the stars in my sky anymore, but still. .. no matter the hurt you put me through, you will still be a shining star in my sky, a star that changed a bit of my life, a star that made me who am im today, a star who broke me, but at the same time made me stronger. I hope she is the perfect girl for you, i hope she's you're dream girl, the one you;ve always wanted, the one who had the chemistry to make you fall inlove, because i know i can't be the girl that does that for you, but i knwo i will be the girl that does it for someone else, some day. Maybe not soon, but i know i will someday maybe put the stars in the sky for someone who can open there eyes to whats infront of them, and to embrace it. Someone who when they say they will love me forever. To mean it, and to hold me and kiss me like its the last time ever. maybe.

    I had to vent. I feel better now.(: