• Lambdadelta's Diary.

    I am Lambdadelta, the witch of certainty. I travel the realms to see those unsightful humans, giving them wishes. Oh, I don't give them wishes because I am nice. I give them wishes for my selfish needs of what they call 'fun'.

    I wander around the realms, seeing worthless humans with worthless wishes. These wishes are pitiful. 'I wish to be rich', 'I wish to be the strongest person', and 'I wish to be healthy'. These humans know nothing of what they want. It's all useless to them and to us witches.

    Another wish I am asked for is 'I wish for happiness'. Happiness. Hah. This such happiness is cruel, happiness can be many substances. It can be royalty, relationships, pride... And shame.

    Are humans worthy enough to have happiness? Are mortals allowed to have happiness? Immortals laugh at these pitiful emotions. Mortals such as those have no right to be asking these worthless wishes... However, should I say this as us witches, who grant wishes to those who are not worthy?

    I came across this interesting human one day when I was travling the realms...

    "Human, I will grant you one wish. It can be whatever you desire." I said to the lowly human. The human looked up, widening her eyes as if she were patronising me. "Really? Any wish I want?" She asked

    These humans with their doubt. How I pity them.

    "Yes, any wish." I replied. The human was shaking. Was she scared of me? Or was she overwehelmes of this chance I was giving her of whatever she desires? That, I did not know. However, I continued. "Well? What is your wish, mortal?" I said impatiently. The girl looked up, confidence in her eyes as she opened her mouth. "Please, make me a witch." She said.

    A witch? This human was interesting, interesting enough to make me question her wish.

    "A witch? Surely you cannot uphold these conditions of becoming a witch, knowing that you are a lowly human." I said, frowning at the girl.

    Something kept me going, something about this girl kept me urging on to consider this single wish. After all, I haven't come across a human this interesting in over five thousand years.

    The human just looked up, smiling. "These conditions make me a witch, you granting my wish and I wishing for it." She said.

    This girl, she had reasoning like no other human. Is she mortal, or immortal? These questions whizzed in my head as the girl interested me more.

    "However, with your wish, you will not be able to take on the responsibilities." I reasoned. "Your allowing me to wish, which enables me to give me the responsibilities." The girl responded.

    'Enabled'...? This girl knows the right choice of words, reasoning this brilliantly. But I wasn't going to give in just yet.

    "... What witch are you insisting to be?" I asked curiously.

    Surely, the girl had no idea what I was supposedly talking about. However, I was wrong.

    "I wish to be the witch of miracles."

    Those words had me compelled. The 'witch of miracles'? This human... No, this witch has used a high level of reasoning, her cunning and intelligence were far more of a higher level than lowly humans..

    "... I now acknowledge you as a witch." I said, looking down at the girl. "However, you will take the responsibility of roaming the realms with the witch of Certainty..."

    The girl looked surprised at this responsibility. I did not tell her the conditions of her being a witch.

    However, she looked at me as though as if she understood what I had just said.

    "... Very well." I said, holding my hand out to the girl as she took it.

    "... What is your name, human?" I asked, taking the girl higher and higher into the sky.

    "... My name is Bernkastel." The girl smiled as both witches were engulfed in the evening sky.