• Drex: The Final Chapter

    Drex met up with King Chad, who took Bdeckaa’s place after Bdeckaa died.”There is great concern from my people,” King Chad started.”A great war is coming to this land. Life on this land will never be the same. The land will start to break, mountains will be crushed, and rivers will overflow. It can’t be stopped, but the one causing it can be.” Drex then asked.”Who is he you speak of?” King Chad looked at Drex, then said,”ZulkelNaga. He is the Titan of Darkness, a powerful being that we are allied with. He is not meaning to do all of this, but he is just shifting. He has felt the land needs to change. We cannot stop him, but the crystal that he is sending down to cause all this chaos.” Drex nodded, and then said.”Your people worship him, do they not?”
    “Yes they do worship him. Why?”
    “Is he doing this on purpose?”
    “Then what IS he doing?”
    King Chad glared at Drex for a second then said.”This land is not stabile. He wants to change it by sending the crystal. If it’s down here for too long, who knows what could happen!?” Drex sighed, and then replied.”Alright, so my mission is to find the crystal, destroy it, then what?” King Chad smiled, and then said.”I will give you a mighty reward. Far away, on a planet called Azeroth, is a region called Northrend. There was a Lich King that ruled there, but he was defeated, and his blade, Frostmourne, shattered. Some of my men brought the hilt and the fragments of the blade back, and they forged it back together. I know you can’t let this offer down, because soon it will be yours.”

    Drex started packing: dried meat, a canteen filled with water, and a giant war hammer. He then began his journey to the New Clear Wastes, a hostile place destroyed by radiation. It is a reminder of what humans did to the land. He then stumbled across a small village. It seemed legit to him, so he stopped by. It seemed everyone knew of him, so he had to change his name to Keldeath (meaning demonic demise). It seemed everyone thought his name was Keldef (meaning high sky). This was Keldeath’s advantage. While everyone thought he was Keldef, he was Keldeath. Basically saying, they let an extremist into their village. They gave him food and shelter to spend the day. He was in the tavern when a girl sat next to him. She had long brown hair, a nice tan, and was, oddly, a human refugee that escaped from Earth to Casgarin (the continent they are in).”I’ve heard about you,” she whispered in his ear.”You’re that Keldeath guy.” Astonished that she actually knew his true new name, he replied.”Yea, I’m just trying to go to A to B right now.” She looked interested, so she said.” Follow me; I’ll take you to my cabin. By the way, my name is Jessa.” Keldeath then said.” Nice to meet you, Jessa…”

    As he walked inside Jessa’s cabin, there was a nice queen sized bed, a zear (a bear/zebra) rug, and a mahogany desk. They sat on the zear rug and started talking. Jessa talked about how she got to Casgarin and Keldeath talked about how he was “epically” born.”Wow,” said Jessa in a horny voice.”No wonder you’re so radiant!” Keldeath smiled his ear to ear smile and Jessa gave him a kiss on the cheek. Inside of Keldeath, a ripping sensation gave pain to him, and a voice inside his head said,” You will die soon.” Keldeath held his, chest then Jessa wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him another kiss. Then they did it.

    “Hey honey, I feel like I’m burning up or some crap.” Osama said. His wife screamed in reply. ” YOU ARE BURNING!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” And everyone lived peacefully that day, besides all the screaming from a nearby cave.

    Keldeath gave a goodbye kiss to Jessa, and set off once more. After 3 hours, he finally made it to Radiate Gate. Well, he gave it the biggest hole in its wall, thus making The Hole. He walked into the New Clear Wastes and looked around. He could see a dark cylinder coming down from the sky. “That must be the crystal.” Keldeath exclaimed. He started walking toward it, then another ripping sensation in his chest, and he stumbled a bit. Another voice in his voice said.”Welcome to my crystal. Destroy it once it is complete. Thank yoooooou….” Keldeath raised his war hammer in the air, but then he fell back as a huge explosion erupted from the ground. He grabbed his chest, and for the first time he saw his own blood. Groaning with pain, he slowly crawled toward the crystal again. This time, a twister lifted him up and threw him on the ground. Then his life flashed before his eyes, from the day he was born from a star, to being a bad teacher, to jail, to meeting Jessa. And for the first time in his life, he shed a tear.

    Keldeath yelled.” Coward, come out and fight!! I am Keldeath, and I’m not ******** afraid of YOU!” In the distance, there was laughter. Then before him stood a tall figure, clad in black armor that had shadow streams rising from it. The figure’s eyes were bright red, and on his face was a smile, just like Keldeath’s. He offered Keldeath his dark hand, and Keldeath accepted it. It felt warm and cold at the same time, but it soothed him. The figure then said.” Hello Keldeath. I am ZulkelNaga. Do not be afraid, my son.” Keldeath got a confused look on his face then said.”Son? I thought..." ZulkelNaga then remarked."You are my son. Whoever is born with unatural powers and it tempted by darkness is pretty much my son. But you, you were born from me, unlike everyone else. You are one of my three sons: Quasjack, Thrakthon, and you, Keldeath. But now I see you want to destroy the crystal. I will allow you." Then ZulkelNaga raised his eyebrows."Have you looked in the mirrior at all? You look like a...blood elf." Then that's when Keldeath shattered the crystal, ignoring what ZulkelNaga said. Keldeath then felt grief, agony, loss, love, and stress at the same time. He dropped, closed his eyes, and then...ZulkelNaga resurrected Keldeath, filling him with eternal life, darkness, shadow, hatred."Evil is the new good in this land. The forces of good have waned, so Evil must prevail in this land." Keldeath nodded, smiled his smile, and said."Good."

    The moral of this story? Nothing says pizzaz like a winning smile....