• Lila was just sitting in her room reading books and doing her homework she was reading the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins .About Katniss and how her life was so miserable .But she did not know how bad her's was.when she finished her homework she put it down and went to sleep the next morning she woke up and put on her favorite blue dress.She looked great with her long soft blond hair and her brown eyes .she put on her pink flower headband .She brushed her hair and she brushed her teeth .then she headed down stairs for breakfast and ate her pancakes with syrup and chocolate chips then her mom asked "Honey, do you need a ride to school?".Lila answered back "No thanks mom i will just walk home ".She did as she told her mom ,she walked to school when she arrived .She saw a girl named dana her enemy exclaim exclaim Dana only teased and bullied lila because she is popular so she has to tease someone but lila is an only child and has no friends because Dana turned the whole school against her after their fight "Hi ,Ugly how was your day just kidding i really dont care any less" Dana said Lila said back "oh well why would you care you dont care about it your heart is just filled with hatred ".When she got to her last class of the day math they announced that the day of the drawing for the death of games will be tomorrow she was so mad cry exclaim then when she got home she told her parents .but the death games are just like the hunger games in a way they both have to fight for death and try to survive She wonders "will it be me oh gosh". luckily she had no homework that night.

    exclaim heart THATS THE END OF PART ONE OF LILA AND DEATH exclaim heart