• Some things we will never know. Most things actually. For a fact, we will never be so sure if this is true or not. If this life is real. But for the meantime, everything is as real as it gets for me. At this minute, everyone is living their own lives what ever that be. For me, it is sitting here typing away. Why might i be doing that some might ask? Well, there are multiple reasons. For one, it is just what i am doing at the minute, just like everyone else. And, second, because i have a story to tell, again just like most people in this world.
    My story is a feeling. Not a long story like some you might have read or will read.
    I went to Hawaii. The big island, the place almost everyone wants to go to. It was a good trip, but i was moved by a feeling. During our stay, we did all the sight seeing and whatnot. We went and saw flowing lava and we went and swam with the Manta Rays and we went to the beach and did all the tourist things you do when you go to Hawaii. We also, went to some parks, one in particular. We took a hike around a crater there. At first the trail was through dense trees that gave off a smell of such freshness that imedietly i felt better.
    As we walked, i began to think. Think about what it would be like to dissappear. Just go. I thought what it would be like just to be gone one day. As we walked, an idea came to me. What if i were to just disappear into a forest? This forest? Would anyone care? Well, of course they would. I am not a lonely person liiving out in the middle of nowhere. But as i walked i thought about how it would feel to walk into the woods and never come out. I thought the whole thing through but one thing stopped me from doing just that. My friends. My family. My pets. My life.
    I couldnt just abandon everything. I was loved. I had a life that i needed to continue living in, however much i would love to take my self out of the world.
    And just as i have shared a moment from my past that kept me for going off to a different world, everyone else needs to just think about something that has kept them here before and it will most likely keep them there again. We all need to stay here, in this world or planet or whatever you want to call your home, because in truth, where else would you go? And what would the world do without you.