• For some reason, my demonic little sister is apparently playing patty cake with the hall closet door, which is very loud...
    I think her mentality conscience tells her to be an annoying little brat..

    It could be

    I'm tired of random things popping up on me;
    like this Network Repair Wizard, the only time my computer is slow is if i'm using the internet.

    Which is a daily part of the cycle of life, not really, but for me, it counts

    Right now this Document-Wordpad thing is on a small window because I don't like it being SO big, like a white notepad but on a computer screen bigger than your face and not in your hand which it can't be because it's a computer screen/ (slash) monitor.

    Try saying that fast ^.^, all this typing is making me want to e-mail Julia Barr (my friend) a.k.a. Barr of Soap.
    I'm Manilla Ice Cream, why such an akward name? Because my last name is Miller and Julia would always call me Milla
    so i thought of the color manila on manila folders and that Manilla ALSO rhymes with Vanilla! The well known ice cream flavor, so there you have it, Manilla Ice Cream.(Manilla actually only has one L)
    Ariel's (my other friend) nickname is Fig Newton, like them fig bars (or that fig newton dude).
    WHY Fig Newton?
    Her last name is Newton.
    Nicole Richards: Richie Rich
    Kaila Branch: Tree Branch (she doesn't like that and wants to be Branch of Gov.t or something...)

    You get the picture right?
    You should..

    But anyway, i'm in a modern mood, not too happy pappy, or sad dad. I didn't even plan that to rhyme it just came out that way...(don't you notice that they both have something to do with father...akward...)

    My Neck
    Middle finger Left hand

    Why did i just name those body parts? Because those are all of the body parts that felt uncomfortable at the time, don't you see why I came up with that 'happy pappy' saying?

    -Rubs Eye-

    -Eyes-...-Calls Dad- 254813---- it beeps 10 times off beat when the numbers redial on the house phone screen.

    Why the house phone? Because I called him to come and pick up my phone to flash it so I could start talking on it...

    flash it?;
    Taking it to the store, giving it to the people, letting them erase all of the crap left on the phone from the previous owner. He's coming to get it today, my dad, to flash it. Why can't i just do it myself, erase all of the other person's data? Because there is a password on it, a four-digit number keeping any intruders from breaking and entering, but the previous owner never gave us or the store the password so that we could unlock it ourselves, and HOW can i tell it's still activated?
    Because it works when I try to call [the only contact I could get to when it was locked] the ICE contact [In Case of Emergency contact]
    which is Antonio's Mom (whoever that is), 2545260836
    and I did it on accident, but it worked!
    But i don't wanna be all like "hey do you know the owner of this phone so i could give it to them to unlock it" and she MIGHT tell me that when she talked to the owner, the owner would be all like they wanted there phone back, i'm a pessimist, for example, i see the glass half empty instead of full(if half full, you'd be a optimist. I imagine all of the bad things that could happen in a situation.

    I can't wait until he comes and picks it up, i just hope he brings it back FLASHED, CLEARED, etc. As long as it's empty and ready for me to start putting my own crap in there. That's gross if you think about it, i also take EVERYTHING literally, so if you say you feel like a piece of crap...you know what you said...lol.

    About 2-3 minutes later...

    I just got done putting baby Bre'elle's clothing in the dryer.. Bre'elle is my baby cousin. My aunt is over here washing clothes since she just moved into her brand spankin new home. It's tight. While putting her stuff into the dryer I knew I was gonna drop something on the ground as usual (pessimist thinking), ecspecially when her baby socks and blankets were so puny.

    click clack click clack

    My mom's heels click clacking down the hallway, the over to open the garage door. It kinda sucks because I can't here her click clacking through these thick painted walls. She just walked back out, then out of the front door. Goodbye for now clash of the heels against our marble floor.

    My mp3 player is total madness now because the screen cracked when my ding dong sisters walked all over it, thank you very much.

    Then the other day my sister was in the bathroom, she then called me after taking a shower. I walked in to see my diamond-studded watch lying there on the floor, dieing slowly. It was really drenched with water!
    Holy Cow!
    I freaked out badly,
    it was ticking clockwise
    counter clockwise
    counter clockwise,
    I screamed at my sister for a few minutes then cried softly on the couch.

    What if he finds out and he gets all upset at me for the dieing watch.

    I don't want to be so sad to so i'm just trying to keep it modern.

    So i'm listening to some awesome music.

    What song am i listening to right now? On Fire by Lil' Wayne
    It's so awesomely spectacular! Wait, what? Any ways, I like how the song starts out, it has that guitar solo and then gets chopped up into a hip hop beat. The uncencored version is ok, but the only real reason there is a cencored and uncencored version is because people really don't like all them cuss words. The song that's on now is Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.

    Remember that I told you how random things keep popping up randomly, this 30 sec. countdown just started saying that it's just gonna shut down in that time and it does, sometimes, so even though I don't have to get off I just feel like it because of my shut down warning is so...yeah...bye!!! (Typed 10/30/10)