• Not long ago a father sat next to a weeping child. That could have happened just now, and that weeping child and father could have been you. But this tale is about a tale which happens in a tale.
    Anyhow, a Weeping Child lay in his bed of remembrance of his dead mother, who of which had only died 3 hours before. A tired scruffy looking man walked into the room, and layed down next to the child. The boy looked at his father. He let out a smile, and hugged him with warmth you could only receive when needing so. The father wiped a tear from the child's eye and let one fall from his.
    "Have I ever told you about the Morning Warrior?" The father asked quietly, for also in the room lye 3 other children, all who had cried themselves to sleep. The child shook his head. "No" He said in a cracked voice.
    "Well, then you must want to hear.."
    "In a land where roses fell as rain drops and skulls lay the ground, where all was dead except for some, where no human could ever journey, there was a warrior, who would protect the skulls that had fallen upon her land as though it was a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or pillow..
    She however could not touch her skulls and roses, for they would fall to dust, so to protect them other wise, she flew with a cape of thin net, which she always wore over her white angel hair.
    But what did she have to protect these dead spirits by? By tear of their families, the more tears shed by the families, the more the spirits got sad, and so they would venture forth into nothingness, so they could hear nothing,see nothing of their families. And that made her sad more than anything.
    There was only one warrior though, one spirit to hold these dead together, and more died, and more where lost, till the spirit was left with only few skulls, and many roses. As the roses and skulls showered down again that day, she held out her dark sharp hand to something strange and something she had never seen before. A red rose. She held it tight, and as she could talk, she said "forever you are mine, forever you will protect, forever I will never let go, to you I leave you to smile for these spirits, and bless them always to remember, the lost are always alive"
    And with that, the spirit joined her precious items, and the roses that formed around her skull became red, and from that was born many spirits to remind that to all, that there is still hope in the world."
    The father looked down at his child, who now was smiling, sleeping, and dreaming of a spirit who had nothing but skulls and black roses.