• Establish
    a. Job: 4/5 apps a day until achieved and then edit
    b. Training: 3 hours a day, every day. (Construct chart to manage and track. As improvements are made edit.)
    c. Gain membership in a gym.
    d. 7 meetings a week
    e. School: Resume summer semester until then applying to different 4 years (especially those with free applications) attend whichever is fiscally favorable / achievable.
    f. Accurate Self-Appraisal. Possibly input from outside source
    · Inheritance
    · Scholarships
    · Food stamps
    · Support
    · Wcc
    · Sponsor
    · Recovery Community
    · Religious Community
    · Connect with recovery community. Utilize as a means to achieve goals via transportation/ attendance of meetings/ fiscal assistance if necessary and possible.
    · Maintain cleanliness of living quarters at home. Establish constructive use of free time.
    · Get involved in religious community in an effort to establish both contacts and resources within and a relationship with God. (Meditation)
    · Develop a person log and ledger to track and monitor progress of various goals in order to deter stagnation and monitor progress.
    · Remain dynamic
    · Make weekly assessments of method’s effectiveness and modify as greatly and frequently as necessary to ensure maximum effectiveness.
    · Keep a detailed journal of events and moods/dates to see how the correspond with progress to identify constructive and destructive behaviors and gather qualitative and quantitative data for personal reflection. (Constructive writing.)
    · Continue to both augment and modify uses of free time and goals as they are achieved recognized to be unattainable or no longer worthwhile.
    · Establish a regimen of maintaining contact in order to build, strengthen, repair, and maintain relationships with loved ones (don’t just call when I need help these people are a part of my life and should be treated thusly.) in order to maximize success.
    Free Time Options:
    · Reading ASL dictionary and using online resources to gain fluency (Construct chart to manage and track. Basic goal: Learn ten words a day.)
    · Study of source material pertaining to major or minor
    · Writing constructively (music/text)
    · Meditation (General/ Geared specifically towards personal reflection/ communication with God)
    · Training