• it feels like i cant breathe,
    like a part of me has disappeared...
    its so difficult to live without you
    and the more i think of you
    the more i wonder if this pain will ever be lifted

    feelings like this don't go away so easily,
    it is hard to uncover them again
    it hurts to pretend you don't exist
    when everywhere i turn
    your eyes seem to appear.

    if i pretend for you
    please...im begging you...
    pretend for me too
    i dont want to be the one
    to come back again
    i dont want to loose my "pride"

    i love you
    and i hate that...
    i want to be with you always....
    but i cant unless you take a step closer
    to me....

    i know you want to hold me again....
    i want to hold you too
    i know you want to hear my voice again....
    i want to hear your voice again too
    i know you want to comfort me again..
    i want to comfort you too
    i know you want me to be yours again...
    i want to be yours too

    i love you
    but it seems that
    loving you is basically
    a tragedy

    feels like i've committed suicide...
    my feet have fallen off the stool
    and in that split second...
    i've realized i was wrong....

    can i take it all back?
    would you let me?
    if i were to talk to you again...
    would i be ignored..?