• The man took the puppy in his arms, and we both walked out to his office. "I can't believe that puppy hasn't been taken."
    The man was petting the puppy while in his hands, "Well, people tend to take only the cuter dogs. This one is so..."
    The puppy thought, "Exotic looking."
    We got into the office and the man told me the puppy was a girl. "She'll make a very nice pet. She's just so.... You know, so..."
    The dog thought, "Profoundly beautiful."
    The man was writing on some papers. He paused for a moment and held out his hand in the direction of the puppy. "I'm sure you'll get along fine. Come to think of it, you both are sort of the same.." The the puppy bit his hand.
    I look at the puppy with a smile. The man looked at his hand. It was red and thumping, "Ow."
    The puppy thought, "Raquel welch look."
    The man took out a box and held the puppy. he looked at me, "Animals that have been abandoned are understandably nervous about new people." He put the puppy in the box. "You may want to keep her in a nice secure box until she gradually learns to start trusting you and her environment."
    The the puppy jumped out of the box and clutched onto my sweater, "Or, you could just wear her," he said with a smile.
    I brought the puppy home and showed her the kitchen. In the corner is her "corner." I pointed to her big bed, "This is the bed where you'll be sleeping..." I pointed to her water and food bowls, "That's where you'll be eating and drinking." Then I pointed to her toys, "And there's the little play area where you will keep all your toys." I settled her down, next to her bed, "I'm not going to turn into one of those people who lets her dog slowly take over her whole life!" I look at her and she starts to look at me.
    I bring her food and toys onto my bed. Then I bring her into my bedroom and I sit lay down. I let her sit on my lap near her food and toys, while I watch T.V. "It's just more efficient to just cave in after the first five minutes.