• So I set off a chain reaction today. It started with me doing my laundry. I was putting some fabric softner in this ball thingy, and I threw the ball thingy into the washer and closed the lid to the washer. Well, then I heard a BLAMlop-lop-lop-lop and a thudthudthudthud that sounded like my cat running away.So I look down, and the bottle of fabric softner is on a laundry basket, ontop dirty clothes, dumping out blue chemicals. So I snatched the bottle up and screwed the lid on, and jumped out of the laundry room. Now I had a problem. I had a c...heeseburger cooking in the microwave, and I was really hungry, plus I had this blue stuff all over the floor and there was too much of it to clean up with some paper towel. So I said to myself, screw the cheeseburger, I have to clean this stuff up.
    Well, I didn't really know what to clean it up with, so I used the Swiffer mop until it absorbed so much that the mop was actually getting really heavy. I threw the pad thingy away, and I knew that I could finish cleaning it all if I used another pad thingy, but they're expensive so I skipped that and went to eat my cheeseburger. So, I was in the middle of eating my cheeseburger when I almost choked after seeing my cat with blue chemicals all over her side. Thankfully, my dad came home at this point and took the cat to go wash her. I still didn't know how to clean the puddle, because I was sure it would stain towels, so I ended up using another pad thingy to clean it. After cleaning all the fabric softner up, I was waiting around to see how the cat was when I hear my dad cussing. Apparently, the cat got so scared of the blow-dryer that she pooped. And she didn't poop on the floor. She pooped on the blow-dryer. So then, my dad finishes cleaning the cat, sprays the blow-dryer with all purpose cleaner, and uses the vaccume to clean out the dryer. Then I told him about the fabric softner, to which he says reasonably that it won't stain towels because you wash clothes and towels with the fabric softner. Then my dad takes a towel from a laundry basket and skates around on it on the laundry floor to dry up the floor and pitches it in the washer to do a load of towels and washclothes. Moral of the story? Dads are the best people ever. smile

    P.S. Mom, I will never use your hair dryer again.