• Ok so i have a question and would like some opinions on it please let me know.

    I was engaged to a women named Hannah Faye Parker until the end of March this year and the reason it all ended was because of this whole incident. I went down to Oklahoma City to visit my friend Hily (we went to HS together i was only a year ahead of her) and when Hannah asked what i was doing i lied to her and told her i was in Lincoln getting ready to take a weekend trip to see some guys i went to Basic Training with who are stationed at Ft. Leavenworth, which they are, which was a huge HUGE mistake on my part and i regret it everyday since it happened although me and her never had sex or even kissed while i was there. then after about a week in OK she found out about it and went off on me and things seemed fine after i let her yell and vent her anger. i came back home 6 days later things went back to normal mostly except that she wouldnt let me come see her in Omaha where she lived. After being back for a week a Friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous, told me she was with Ryan an ex best friend of mine whom i introduced to her back in July and had been trying to steal her from me since. after confronting her she confessed she cheated on me with him while i was gone for revenge and we argued most of the night about it. before i went to bed that night i told her i wanted a day to my self to just think things over and calm down and so i did the next day. when i got a hold of her that evening though within about 15 min she broke up with me for him (Ryan) and now expects me to be fine with it all and be her best friend. Do you think she went to far with her revenge? or did i deserve it and was a perfect punishment for what i did?