• As I got out of my car, I looked at everyone entering the school, and let out a sigh. It was Valentine's Day, and I knew that I wouldn't get anything this year. Again.

    It took me a while to walk to the school, depression constantly weighing me down. I tried to cheer myself up. My friends will be able to cheer me up. I thought to myself. Who cares if it's V-Day? They'll help me, no matter what. I was wrong.

    My best friend, Stephanie, who is pretty much my twin sister, ran up to me and almost choked me to death. When she stopped hugging me, I laughed and said, "How'd you get this happy on a Monday? It's not like you."

    She giggled and replied to me, "I got the most sweetest thing ever from-"

    "Lemme guess. Hmmmm... How about... Zachary?" I said sarcastically.

    "Bingo! And guess what he got me?" She had her gift behind her back, to where I wouldn't see it.

    I leaned to my left, then she stepped in front of me to hide her present. Then to my right. Back and forth we went, looking like total idiots outside the school. Then I started to chase her, but no matter how fast I went, I couldn't see anything!

    She finally ran out of breath and said while breathing heavily, "Okay. You win... Just... Hold on... A second."

    "Okay", I said. "Times up!"

    "You're ridiculous, Jane!"

    "Well, so are you. If you don't want to be ridiculous, then just show me the thing Zac gave you!"


    She held out a bouquet of twelve beautiful red roses, with a note attached to the pink wrapping around it.

    It was hard for me, since I never got even one simple note from someone, but I congratulated her anyway.

    "They're beautiful, Steph! Simply gorgeous!"

    "That's not the best part." She grabbed the light pink note attached and handed it to me. It read:

    I give you twelve beautiful roses, even though their beauty isn't as lovely and as great as yours. As long as these flowers live, I will love you. Happy Valentine's Day. --Zachary.

    "But, Steph, all these will eventually d-"
    "I know. But here's what i've noticed. Only eleven are real. One is fake! So our love will live on as long as this one does."

    I sighed. "How sweet."

    "What's wrong, Jane?"

    I gave her the look I always gave her when she had her blond moments. I then walked inside, and straight to my locker, trying to ignore all the bears and chocolates everyone was giving or holding.

    Before I opened my locker, Steph walked right beside me.
    " I'm sorry. I forgot! I shouldn't have been so open to my gift. I should've let you see it after V-Day. I'm sorry."

    I giggled. "It's okay. Just as long as you don't turn into one of those kids where they say sorry after everything they say."

    "Okay. Sorry, Jane." She said, smiling.
    "Kidding! Just kidding!"

    I then opened my locker, getting out my Math and History books out. I had to study for the tests today. Ugh.

    "Jane." She said, almost laughing. "Ever noticed how the inside part of your locker door looks pink?"

    "What?! It can't be pink. Our lockers are-"

    I looked at the door, and there was a note. The writing was beautiful, and it was addressed to me. I quickly but carefully opened it. It had a golden necklace with a diamond heart, with a gold 'J' in the middle. I handed it to Steph so I could read the note. And as I read it, my heart stopped.


    I don't know how long, but it seems like I've always felt something for you. I never knew what. But now, and I hope I'm right, I know. There is nothing to describe how I feel, unless it's these three words:

    I Love You.