• Many miners are abused and are to young to help them selves, here is an example . There is a family of 8 , mom dad 1 sister 5 brothers all about a year or 2 apart. Oh, and dad ? he had a bit of a gambling problem, and when ever he went out to get a few drinks and bet on the wining teams... lord knows whats going to happen if he looses .So dad was on a winning streak and his last bet, he lost nearly everything, and he came home red hot .The kids knowing he lost by the way he slammed the door shut,they knew he was coming for Mom , he abused her to fight off his anger for loosing. Until she was to week to get up she moved on to the next person in sight , pushing and shoving on to the next and on to the next and on to the next, then comes Emily , the youngest daughter .He raped and molested his own daughter just to fight off his anger .That wasn't just once that was every time he lost on a bet .

    Speak Up Speak Out!