• Mom after years of taking care of me, I am here; as a lady I am gentle, polite, honest and fragile; as an ‘adult’ I can take care of myself and protect those near and dear to me; as a wild child I am free, different, tomboyish, adventurous and wild.
    I can not but help wonder why it seems as if you are disappointed in who I am, for when I do extra ordinary or unordinary things you either say nothing or you disencourage me with negativity before I even participate in whatever it is I would do_

    All I wish to say is; “I love you!” But I am who I now am and I can’t change that... so if there is anything that you want me to stop doing or you want me to do, pray to the Lord and our heavenly father that He may work within me to change that certain something or to show me or to help me learn whatever it is you wish for me to change to or in.

    I am here; now and forever; I am who I am and it isn’t gonne be easy for me to change to the exact person you want me to be, ...but with His help, maybe I can be perfect, in your eyes as well as in His and mine and in everyone else’s!

    I am here, who I am has already been decided; I am here, listen to my soul; I am here, now and forever more; I am here, just as I always was, am and always will be...!