• Hunting is the best sport ever because you get to hear the sound of the gun and the sound of the leaves crunching underneath your boots in the morning. When you are in the wood early in the morning and there is not a sound to be heard when all of a sudden you hear the footsteps of a deer in the distance. I line the gun up with him and I feel the cold metal of the gun and I can smell the metallic scent of the gun barrel. The deer looks up and locks eyes with me right as I pull on the trigger. The deer tries to run do it but it stubbles to the ground. I run to the deer, my feet just barely escaping the leaves. With the blood is dropping out the bullet, I can see a red glare coming off the blood from the sun. Everythings very motionless, It seems that time has stopped and everything was peaceful. Even the dead deer's eyes looked happy and relaxed. I kept the deer where it was. I didn't want to move anything. I got in my trunk and left.

    I almost cried on the way home for leaving the most gorgeous thing i have ever saw.