• Kid drank his coffee in peace, in his apartment ten stories above the city. as he drank his coffee he heard moans outside his room. he thought nothing of it, drank the rest of his coffee and put it in the sink to be washed later. he then went to the bedroom to dress himself. he put on a pair of black jeans with a black belt, and slipped on a white button up, the put his black jacket on and tie. his gloves were in the bowl with his keys next to his door on a wall table. he went to the fridge and ate a already prepared sandwich he didn't he the night before. after he was done he walked to the door slipped on his gloves, grabbed his keys and opened the door. the groans he heard were not of something natural, they were of a man on a woman eating her organs and flesh. he looked in awe and the man and watched him get up and start to slowly approach him. "sir stop please." Kid repeated it twice, after the second time, he un-holstered his gun and told the man to stop. as he kept walking towards him he shot his left arm, the man was startled but kept coming, kid shot his right arm, and the man still kept coming. so kid walked up to the man and put his right foot on the mans chest and pushed the man as hard as he could. the man staggered back wards and tripped on the dead woman's body, and slammed his head against the wall breaking his spine. kid saw his opportunity and ran to the stairs.

    when kid emerged from the hotel, he saw several men and women eating others. Kid un-holstered his other gun, wrapped his left hand around the new gun and pointed the guns at the mangled bodies that were once alive. he shot two of them in the head and they dropped, then shot another two that were across the street. he barely noticed the man running at him to right, but had time enough to jolt the left swing his arms to the right and shoot the man three times in the chest and twice in the head. after he had done away with the men and women, he walked to the side of the hotel and looked both ways to see if there were anymore, he saw one beside his car on the passenger side. he walked towards the man ripping apart what appeared to be another man, put the gun to his head and pull the trigger, then shot him once more in the head again just to be sure. kid then walked to the other side of his car and got him, started it and drove away.