• Death.. it is like some sick joke, cursed for all life forms. However, for some people.. death runs in the family. This is a tale of a haunted little girl. Her sick, twisted life will be revealed on these pages... Her named is Lilian..
    Long ago.. In the quiet town of Burnsville. Lilian and her family settled in their new home on the farthest corner of town. Her brother, Seth sat silently in their tiny car as they drove. He was much older than she was, but not as talkative as herself. Mother.. she was the most enthused about the move than anyone. And father, he did not say much about it, but if it made mom happy he would kindly do it. Well, as for Lilian.. she felt as though she had no opinion about it. Even though none of them knew it.. this house will lead to the ultimate demise.
    As they first stepped though the doors Lilian felt a heaviness in the home. But, she spoke no word of it. It was not long before they fully moved into the house. After six months of living in the home her mother falls ill. She wakes up in the night screaming.. Lilian knows not for. But, the sound is terrifying.. During the night Lilian hears sounds, knocks, screams, and whispers. She lays in her bed wide awake waiting for the unknown to show itself. Two nights later.. her mother passes away. Her father fall into a profoundly deep depression. He begins to drink, and invite friends over at night for drunken parties. Lilian’s room is next to the kitchen. She cannot sleep.. Seth is in the next room next to hers. She will sometimes ask Seth to let her sleep in his room when the parties get too loud.
    However, some nights when her father is asleep, one of his friends will slip into Lilian's room. She will scream and fight him off her. Seth, will run to her rescue but is not always on time. Seth is seen as her protector in her eyes.. Her only hope.