• It had been routine by now. Every summer, I would travel to my aunt's house in the Poconos. Surrounded by forest and high inclines, my family and I would always have fun adventuring out there. This summer, I decided to take on of my friends with me up to my aunt's house. I knew those woods behind her house like the back of my hand, but never had a come across something like this. Never had I seen it.

    I remember a particular night. A Thursday night, I believe. My friend, Lyndsey, and I had started a bonfire in my aunt's back yard. When we got bored, we decided to let the bonfire burn and go into the woods. It was chilly and getting dark by this time. Luckily, we had grabbed flashlights from the house before we went out. About a half a mile in, it was getting much too cold. My friend told me she was freezing and that we should go back. I agreed, getting cold myself. I knew these woods well, so I turned and headed back. Now, though, I couldn't tell where I was going. I had never seen this part of the woods. I didn't have the heart to tell Lyndsey, though. So, I kept walking. The crinkle of the leaves, the sound of the wind, it soothed me. It relieved me somewhat, now thinking we could find our way home. But, up ahead there some something. A mangled tree, maybe? No, it couldn't be. I pointed my flashlight at the tall figure. It much taller than me or my friend. Maybe, 7 or 8 feet tall? What.. no.. it couldn't be. The figure wore a suit Ang higher yet I pointed my flashlight. At this point, Lyndsey and I were frozen in fear of what this may be. It... it had no face. I tried to call Lyndsey, but no words came. The figure seemed to walk toward us. It's long, vine-like arms swayed with the wind, but made no sound. Again, I tried to call for Lyndsey, but I made no sound. I stood in fear. Lost. As this thing, this person made long strides toward us. Surely, we were about to die.

    I felt something grabbed my shoulder and pull me back. Though I watched as the figure closed it, I was certain the hand of death was grabbing me. I tried to shove off the hand and book it in the opposite direction, but fell and tripped instead. It seems, I knocked myself unconscious and woke up at my bed at my aunt's house.

    Ever since that day, I'd been afraid to go back out into the woods. Afraid to see the strange faceless figure again. And to this day, I still have no idea what the thing was.