• Everything has its own beginning and ending.
    And whenever one thing ends a new one comes.
    Like a book whose chapter has ended a new one begins in its place.
    And so, the end of summer is near and a new school term is approaching.
    And it's time once again to reminisce the things we did this summer.
    But as I do, there is no feeling of regret.

    Unlike summers of years past, this year was different.
    Usually, we would have a trip to a foreign country.
    But this year, there were no foreign trips.
    Instead, the whole family had three separate trips to the mountains.
    To the same mountains full of childhood memories.
    As someone who lived in the city all my life, it is also during one of these trips that I've first experienced being at the beach!

    Moreover, this summer, I did not let my brain go idle.
    I was enrolled to a Review Class where I made new friends in the process.
    Once my classes were over, I discovered badminton and swimming through my beloved cousins who come here only during the summer.

    One of my most memorable days was when me and my old friends were reunited.
    It's been such a long time since I last saw them!
    I missed them so much!!

    This summer has been the most productive for me.
    It is this year where I was not happy just because there was no school, but I was happy and joyful that i had spent it with my precious family, friends, and cousins whom I love wholeheartedly ♥