• 4% of what we know is matter, the rest being dark matter and anti-gravity, at approximately 68% and 27%, respectively. Of that known matter, roughly 98% is hydrogen and helium; of that, a smaller percent is lithium, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, the four next most abundant elements, and of that forms humans. The universe is approximately 14 billion years old; and we humans, may live to be 100 years old; existing as short as one 1 in 140 millionth the time as the universe. We are but a passing blip on planet earth, a small speck on a even smaller speck revolving around a spec, in a giant collection of specs, barreling through the universe; what we know of this is even less.

    Everything is growing distant, moving away from each other; while Einstein refused to believe it, Hubble's red shift proved that all the planets are moving away from each other faster than the speed of light. Dark energy is causing the space between us, the literal fabric of spacetime, to be stretched, to expand faster than it can reconvene. Initially, it was believed, as suns died, their particles would be spread apart, but after a long enough time, reconvene. Gravity and electrostatic forces has us all moving towards each other, meaning in enough time, new stars could form, meaning there would be hope, and no known end to the universe. However, as the space between these spaces is expanding faster than this, all the stars will eventually burn out, and as they disappear from the universe, they will leave cosmic dust, too far spread out from each other to even allow light to reach them, as the universe grows ever more cold, and distant. Due to the law of conservation of energy and matter, and entropy, mass and energy cannot be created or destroyed; as the universe grows bigger, so too does the energy thin out, virtually making the universe cool, until it can no longer sustain line, a phenomena known as the thermodynamic collapse of the universe. As the universe tears itself apart, the cold, unfeeling mechanistic clockwork beats away, with each passing second removing the hope of life in the future, destroying any remnants for future generations, or immortality. The future of our universe is cold, dark, and bleak, unable to see, let alone reach any of our neighbors, until our resources run dry and we too break apart into oblivion.

    The solar center, breathes life into us, yielding consciousness, causing us to yearn for life, to hopelessly race towards it, to scream out in agony to want to live, only to consume us and result in our inevitable, unavoidable deaths. Even if our children survive, and our children's children, it is the realization that it's ultimately a meaningless race towards oblivion. We are born, destined to die, yet given the desire to live, perhaps forever.

    But no! We as a society bind together to resist the Tyranny of Chaos, to resist the Tyranny of nature! To prevent starvation, disease, war, and death! In utter defiance of Entropy, which sends us racing towards the Thermodynamic collapse of the universe, we press on, to find a way, to find the process, to make ourselves live comfortably forever, or die trying!

    Fight with me, my friends, to defy this chaos, and provide order to the universe! To spread throughout all the known universes and defeat the cold unfeeling mechanistic clockwork! To resist it! And stand in utter defiance, of Entropy.