• Some say Death is the ripper if souls, the bringer of dead, the lord of the dead. But i believe that death is the gate to hell and heaven.When death harvest your soul, it does not mean that you cant live anymore. You live on to guide the path of those you care about. Death disides where you go to one your sould has been harvest, hell or heaven. In order to go to hell you need to do bad things. In order go to heaven you've been doing good things. Evil, Bad, Hell are for the underworld. Good, well behouved, heaven are for the city in the sky that is unreatchable for the living. The dead is not the end of your life, its a new starts of a new life. Nothing is lost, the ones you lost are still with you, not it person but in a spiritial form that no one can see. they guide you when you dont know it, thay protect you when you do not notice them.

    So if you ask me i'de say no, death knows no end. There is an afterlife for those who are worth it, were bad and even for those who have someone to protect his or her lover. and for those who protect there friends who are among the living form harm.

    If you believe my theory and are agreeing with it send it to all your friends, this massage is for everyone to see. I will gladly awser your questions, if you have questions please post a comment or pm me.

    The believer of endless lifes,