• I stand outside in one of the Coldest Snowiest of winters in time.
    My mind is wondering Far and distant. Getting lost in Multiple Battles within my self; over things in which no one else would ever understand.

    I take a deep Cool breath of the icy air and then exhale
    the Heat of my body; as a light fog comes from my Breath. I sit inside my head and Feel My Deepest of emotions.
    I then Looking up at nothingness the true darkness in which i stay..
    I am drowning in a bubble of water In which sits in this darkness Floating in air.. I reach up to see if maybe i can escape this Oblivion of pain and suffering.

    As i reach a light shines lightly piercing through the Bubble of water. I Reach farther Trying to Maybe Grasp Some Of my Passion and hope Once more...
    I Then gasp for air in which all is Water. Suffocating my So called life i watch the light start to fade away once again.

    Drowning.. In nothingness.

    It starts snowing around me.
    Even in the black The snow seems to glow....
    I stare blankly as i drown. i space out into the white.. As if maybe.. I can finally find myself again..
    Barely clinging onto this life I see the snow begin to freeze my cage of water. I know now.. This is truly my ending.

    I will become frozen In ice. Not just suffocation, I will freeze to death as well..
    I open my eyes back to reality and See the snow lightly falling around where i stand.
    I know now, I need to escape this emotion before it kills me or I kill myself.