• Tribute To Fishing

    I opened this account in 2005, immediately drawn to Fishing and becoming hooked to it. I spent my evenings as a kid playing the game, finishing my homework then immediately logging on to make gold through Fishing! As time went by, I grew older and lost interest for awhile. Every so often I would log online, just to fish. In 2011, I was active for some time before taking a very long hiatus and forgetting all about Gaia.

    Flash forward to December of 2014, and I returned to Gaia after finding my login information written in an old journal while cleaning. Man, Fishing had changed so much. I didn't know any of the players anymore, but I met a TON of nice people in the rooms who welcomed me back, and showed me the ropes.

    I competed for the first time in a Fishing tournament during March of 2015 and won a bronze trophy in Bass'ken- that trophy remains my most prized item on Gaia.

    I went again to compete in May 2015, only to find out with great sadness that the captcha system that allowed you to save your buckets of fish had crashed. We could not compete, save our fish, or work towards Angelic Rods anymore. The captcha had already been causing problems, but now it was not working at all.

    Fast forward awhile and here we are, almost a year later, and no answers or fix so far. It is sorrowful, and my fond memories from Fishing days are all I have left. Sure, friends occasionally gather in Fishing rooms to chat...but it isn't the same. Other friends have left the site completely, or only log on once in a blue moon.

    Please aide us in bringing attention to the game by joining the Fishaholics Anonymous guild, and signing the Fishing Petiton. I could really use your help!

    -Cap'n Roky