• It is the wisdom to life of an ordinary person who grows up and wonders on a deepness of questions, what is it online to that of media, from past to present that one wants to discuss; whether it be life, culture, belief, or practice; as others state there is no GOD or what then is religion if one is saying they are non-religious or atheistic but understand from rational sense to study. Whereas aside from preaching or rambling, others call it because it is not what is necessary to them, allowed, or be desired. Not even do sites follow their own policies; though they speak on them in heresy or falseness and some will say it violates the terms of service. True this may be but a lesson to accept unless others start a riot or persecution to where one last breath is breathed or give out its last cry. But still though it be preaching, (sadly to say it is not), others would do the same with insults and speak a view. It is not for me to act on this perfectly by showing non-aggression or act differently with confusion to extreme; but to realize people are people as the self is the self and many give its lessons as people ignore to recognize what is the difference of right and wrong or to be justifiable with relations among humanity. It is then we see a world as people act a certain way they did not know of. From this a core to that of others repeat the same that our ancestors to many more had gone through. Life naturally takes its roots and grows as it decays but then yet much lives onward.

    From growth to one seeking an answer why he thinks the way he does,
    I hold the wisdom in my head of 2000 years or perhaps a man does of more time than he has lived, though knowing he is not that which brings peace or war to many, or remembers everything. What is said here through the thoughts of others or how many act on it will inspire them or give insight.
    And a man does not wish harm on others, but endures in his path of life to observation growth. Still young they act as then what happened to the millennium or those of middle age in their twenties to thirties. To then how does a man seek to grow.
    As some grew out of it, they realize the hardships of life because they are forced by oppression as the first, even that which comes from their own law. The second knew but accepted that which was not uncommon, but inconsiderate to the improvements for both environment and nature.
    Yet I read not so and my grammar to one be poor. I am not of each land but friendly among that of them or those who receives observation or to accept goodness of others without acting first on a man as a case of study or that of means which is unacceptable.
    Some would then argue among the Greek, to that of many, what is true faith or who acts it. As if there was such that being as I to question this: "Is there such a thing as a Jewish/Christian/Gentile.
    Or who or what we consider is an infidel - referring to the Middle East. But know a message far to that as the East to that of Asia. Of which of you stood on holy ground and not acted as beast or has life seen perfection but had regret of its anger to suppression. It is questionable to others far from you, why did GOD leave you, or come near a great spirit to awaken or bring to me the capability to have thoughts. Who am I to convict a man as light prove itself among us of my kind and you?
    The answer would be a confirmation among many that because of genealogies or connection as one to many would say they earn the right to peace when that is so not the case. And others are persecuted farther to what so in them deems rightly or what we wish upon as so to happen naturally to others because of what they done to us or how life is, and they affect us.
    The arguments are ancient. How many would doubt history. Though then who is the pagan to that of the monotheist? As I see myself in the wrong here when one has not lived suited in the world of many to its time-constraint.
    If <substitute name> is claiming to be a demon or host of light but is not one who give itself to darkness or surely knowing of light; as if so saying this a man had a heart still or if not, but memory;
    Accept the goodness, not for me to judge him or her or ourselves. Let GOD so judge though I had my fear of certainty and I know I am no man if I thought I was a GOD purposely or to judge willingly without assumption to realization, even to claim that because one had routes that because of this; they or I each own power. In an assumption it is not judgement though others can accuse or misuse within reason or personal view.
    It is those who are aware, that awaking the darkness or light, to those who commend positive on idiocy recognizing that the society based on culture and not knowing each though a man be a creature by nature. Should I act a way a man treats me, or should one act themselves fully? The choice to make a distinction of one or the other is in no-way by means perfection that even the answer be given.
    So be it not the man be confused between as others must discover for themselves a discernment. Though we be a creature by existence from GOD. And if so I was told goodness, perhaps the man as I see a log in my own eye, is no demon as some portray to be, and eventually this will be figured out.
    There is a difference among a brother to that of a relationship of kin.
    But <substitute name> a man who thought he was a deity as older or younger, let him not fear light as he shows himself in it if so light there be a balance with darkness. Such banishment as people fear themselves, the accusation to situation of caught in a lie, or argue others. For a sinner is also lost sheep as the believer who was blinded but more aware of his own soul as he sees clarity. Yes, I read the Bible, no I do not go out and force people to believe what I think.
    Others had thought similar thoughts and others can agree to disagree or disagree to agree. But I am talking about the ignorance of persecution in a mental to emotional, to what other chains have done and yet still do. I understand as those who do not speak for themselves are persecuted. And others had fled and others watch, yet no justice gives a report of other worlds.
    In the present people are wiser among those that share their lessons and not hide history truth, if so valid in reason also to proclaim that truth. 2000 years or more of history spoken well to an understanding world as those who grew up with age and chose to cast aside for new memories. It is built on the past but a future grows from its original.
    People online would argue logic with me to council with psychology or overly medicate without reason, as well as offline. Others would want to be doctors but they do not care for people at their youth. It is not the talking about practice and experiment but the attitude perspective of thoughts as much as one could take and realize that from a purpose within bounds comes maturity.
    Unless suffering, age would not listen to reason to that of the real man consider unless to the extreme to prove evidence. As many of them lied about truth or twisted it, though I am not one hundred percent accurate and do not wish to be. Because they so lived it a generation scars, yet also in the retrospect many redefine and learn a new.
    Many give less of a care or they lose awareness over time. In this if those who still remember are left a scar, it shows deep regret or rather a remembrance that a wound will adjust accordingly to the emotion of ones'/mores' being.
    They would act a way different from me though really a man states correctly in not knowing, that there is no-middle ground. For some seek, but then I asked somewhat among them is discernment if so being to make a choice. We wake up as others see and realize preconceptions as yet though being affected in a chain of growth. Many and us at times are unaware. But as life grows forth in its discovery, at some point we too will realize, where then does one inherit to how history grows strongly and much go forth from a foundation stone.
    Let the true words defend themselves as life has many defenders and martyrs.
    But hear to it that each one not be violent among the entire of much more than man or I a criminal. Though eyes greater than mine have suffered. Greater is it a respect to know that of its words although one could not be perfect in distinction from it, such is strength to admit.
    There was grudge not toward me, but something even life did not want to become. As of you each to that of its manifest or from it, life is indeed fragile as that of many mirrors and a looking glass.
    There was a grudge not of you as a race and nationality, or there was compassion of people even those who faint being affectionate. As much as did hold one with diligence and discussion. It is not for me as I must decrease as it increases for its own. My grudge was for what is right and not only in my eyes alone.
    Light within illumines the deepest thought. That which is acknowledge-able to applicable of divine compassion real is worthy. Soul to greatest more worthy than man as self is source manifest. I tell myself and others value GOD above mankind’s thoughts.