• In this world there are many styles and genres of music - from the advancement of ancient, past, modern, and futuristic, celestial, with vocal and instrumental. Associated to the core to the heart, is that virtue of encourage able sounds. From that of the most wicked to that of the soul-felt and with meaning of original tradition. I in my ignorance do not know the background histories beyond much but can explain to what one has felt.

    Yet I value or admire the sounds that are so peaceful to the ears rather than some sounds which are vain and true not the heart, pertaining to liars or teachers who held back the generations from understanding actual truth, or an accumulation of some types of music painful to the ears. Who knows what music encourages the soul deep as the functioning of the body sways to it. Or can the weal rise up and rebel what indeed it is blind to as to conquer its opposition if so there is a choice or unawareness?

    To twist and turn to the immoral values of a cult to culture of darkness, or flesh to world and demonic, will not satisfy or match to the qualifications worthy of what is true respect, to honor the life or the man which so is ordained and broken as light make aware and indeed with emotion to recover. As proper, too improper, as manner be, there is justifiable reason for what indeed is excusable or tolerable but also acceptable among many. Music that is heavenly will indicate what is sought to the mind, to attribute this to the concepts of relaxation, but be careful as not to fail in ones walk as what is sought may not be reachable or in some rituals and such be vain.

    By that I mean practice of religion within also external as to accumulate to bring those to a sickness or sacrifice. There is nothing the LORD my GOD will acknowledge more than HIS glory. No work can please the LORD my GOD or that work of mine to many more. A man who keeps value of the OLD shall find GOD along with that of the NEW. The sounds of peace are enough to put one to sleep or to accumulate deep feeling with energy as much as laughter heal the heart with older. To motivate or manipulate the human being people have already done their studies as older on what is such history yet generations to researchers hid it but it is found through assumption to insight or taught with value of manner.

    Yet I want to understand what each one relates to as that of defining the self or source. I regret taking my music appreciation classes but not knowing the history behind each due to some failure to comprehend or timelines are too long to where much memory cannot reside. As well as many other subjects I could not speak to understand. A man values more than just the statistics but sometimes what is missed is among a great factor unseen is such that one travels younger to why restrict the older unless one commits themselves to a life or has lived in a controlled state accused as disabled and stereotyped. Such as a child one can understand diagnose young but protect them so did some doctors. I cannot blame them but the persecutor to scientists who researched people to use them as an experiment to those who so bound people to a single standard and therefore those also who affect the mentally disabled. There is a choice of awareness beyond that of what one can be.

    No man knows everything and that is true of the most knowledgeable intellectual as the ideals to argue if so there is a counterpoint. My report shall be a gathering of what is found through the provision of others yet to site the work is greater than oneself. If there is something here that is not listed then I have uncovered a greater mystery, yet other credit to whatever ownership entitlement of creation or reference is associated or should be to their proper owners.

    This research shall take us into a deeper understanding for the younger generation who will not understand the history of what indeed I had heard with my ears or why to the reason one would look with their eyes and observer. Whether pure or wicked the soul, there is always a light beyond a shadow and that no greatest value of purity had not seen wicked under the cycle of sun to that of the moon, to the stars and the universe beyond totalities reach in a technological uncivil to third world manner. What is associated to Heaven, what is related to Earth, what is described as a hell or the Hell., there is peace not in eternity, but it will never erase or sever souls from THE LORD’s love – (a reference or verse from a Debtor to Mercy #1 – Hymns Modern & Ancient), the memory for which others as myself sought as to see of what a world would or could have been. A value of GOD to know love, to know truth, to understand though greater would others persecute which is a sadness among a congregation for their own sin and regrets to hold back as the world to grow to darkness without awareness or accepting lies as true because they will not listen or read.

    My Pastor’s words, a man is born wicked as a child and that goes for every man. In ignorance or reality, I say a pass on from the elder to young as such who was to blame or be wiser? A godlier man or teacher though has done wrong in his admitted all his mistakes and with scripture of truth guards the sheep though a church to more cannot be run by a single elder. Who is therefore a family man and a councilor that accepts the truth and not hide it from those of a sheep referring to the lost?

    A congregation of a land is only as great as its people to that which so is needed universal. It is to state though I do not take time in my devotions unless I am conflicted at times, I seen inspiring words to what indeed is so true to the life and not his works alone to mine influence. In silence a LORD speaks to the broken hearted, even of their emotions for which gives a shadow its light and the older more awareness of themselves as a child to twist a child or more of thoughts immoral to their purity. This is not the mentality but the consideration to a natural care. Which is worse or better? As they are both an encouragement – to manifest one’s being or to interpret through works of understanding. Works are perfected by man and each thought of man belongs to the TRUE LORD but that which so not define Him accurately. A name of GODs they know, but idolism struck the heart to what indeed is to be followed or idolized. They create in them GODS and therefore do not know as others sought after. They know the truth yet others seek to destroy through relations to disprove functions of history and existence. I think on a man who by the name of Saul, persecuted the people of the Christ and changed.

    We understand symbols to not each ones’ place language or writings of respect? How much encryption to formalities were deciphered by those of the past and continue fighting in your stance others? By those who seen, of them we interpret. Yet cannot speak those symbols many of us because they are beyond our age to who valued to teach them, or people grow with a natural heart to tongue that cares. Those who could decipher everything know they could find all but one language, - Japan, they failed at knowing the code of the Indian. Our nation’s blood for which we had ancestry persecuted or that of which the younger descendants are blamed for. They hold the heart of connections in them therefore I as a white man in a racist world respect. They the native live in modern day as I to see that they united are as with us a people. Greater though I understand not knowing their lands of other countries but who such honor I have seen to care for their own people and hopefully for each a man? Those who tried to harm a nation have indeed increased order to disorder and have not healed with each one over regulations to where a man cannot see eye to eye, even with fear. But perfect love cast out fear. An understanding of spirit, it is impossible to follow every act, therefore others had tested the spirits and were lost or awoken in their walk to hopefully live on for a future to whatever so they did not seek.

    Our transgressions are admitted in secret to that of many made known by the world acted upon us what we thought of the man as others try to disprove by action to mannerism rather than to accept to agree to disagree or vice and to let people preach what they witnessed. Biblical must apply to every application of learning to the mystery that so it does not state. Yet not every belief is to be practiced among the schools for such would lead those of ignorance to commit bloodshed over issues that have totality with racism, oppression, and nationalistic grudge. Though in the book by themselves by one order or history many cannot find. They follow the laws or try to attempt but indeed each one in some way broke as many tried to rid the law to authority which so ordains even the highest. Such is anarchy and leads to rebel-sadness and only some grudges were expressed among them the rebel due to loss. Christ did not come to destroy it being the law, but to fulfill. The modern day makes that impossible to follow and therefore the law does not make one holy or sanctify. As much as this sadness be principles of biblical apply today where the modern tosses out or some of the past regret modern. Both are being of importance to the soul.

    Thereby people ask forgiveness and hopefully found blameless through that one weal of what honored GOD and defeated sin from the cross to what indeed they cannot comprehend which is love apart from that of the nature to defend and prove rightly. To forgive those who have taken the toll out on much goodness, the greatest of mercy spare the sinner, lost, and believer.

    That is whether civil or not and the world cannot accept what is true, or perhaps they forgotten that similarity applies to the man or individual and therefore they attack at our and their hypocrisy to thought valid associated to belief and way. There is idolism of the heart, to desire, to that of who or what is respected as THE TRUE GOD. I say to those who can bleed as I or have emotion to the spirit that have a heart made or refined, rest yourself as that of how dare you define yourselves as a LORDSHIP I say to the wicked though I not knowing who they are of an elder to a younger generation without them to inspire our heart. I respect the elders who taught us peace with true words that a land rejects of their own principle to that of whom they taught others and preach. It is by this resemblance in much I prayed for those far from me to that which also I am from that which is so valued above all or by each man. I will see other lands fade from in time, to that of war. Yet granted from what caused and is blamed by fact of elder, something or some are forgiven by man, to truly what is a LORD’s true forgiveness. In our doubt to fear, we speak yet afraid of judgement. We understand what is righteous or rather than that it is considerate? Everyone has their thoughts to belief in how they choose to relate to people.

    Our Christ lives onward to the anguish of a cross or sadness but those who graves are dug up without much respect there is no consideration for the developer to that of the one who owns the land. Whereas others sought to manipulate and do wicked with so whatever be granted or balance stable to persecute the truth individuals had held. Knowledge which came first cannot match life that comprehended though indeed it is immense. Whosoever taketh upon the fruit of life and knowledge, they can be stunted at growth or become wise as many pass it on, but a consequence to those who sought and destroyed for power and greater is damnation on them as those who committed on each one genocide to that of uncivil justice acts as the far to that which is to say they are deity, entity, or higher than that which is a teacher or maker unless therefore the teacher is unwise or caught in their own manner as discord. It is for many a reason to much assumption that many are over analytical in what is today the modern world though uncivil as to even the skeptic. This does not make all associations evil but there is goodness within the sanity or insanity to behold. Trials in life that others or one could not do a lone, such is mystery to understand what makes that person different but built with strength. It therefore is not of own but higher than the self.

    There are many of the ancient who grew with technological powers or invention. As also those far received the words of what is divinely inspired. They kept and hid history and many the literature, to what others works had been stolen and torn to truths whole be known. In theory of many languages they will not be understood, but sought they of each to understand Babel. The LORD will strike and scatter understanding again some-day I feel. In the life of what is such, many lose their languages though some be preserved as seen in Exodus. A prayer for those who preserve rather than destroy each kind or act upon their own that of Sodom and Gomorrah. This goes out to those far who despise us from the East and treat the East as the West when also they are of the West of their own lands. As of that land also of the West which so had grudge against its own, let not the East or so of them grudge any further. They need not to hold that burden, though others hold it for them regardless of hatred, a compassion to take time to understand. An assumption is different from a judgement. For in judgement there is blame, where as an assumption is a curiosity to at least attempting to know and realize.

    Will we progress according to what is civil, or dogmatic like animals we or that being a transverse to transition perverse flesh to world become? You know our language typed yet you cannot speak it as we not know yours yet have to know symbolical, also vocal. Thereby, when they have come up with the technological means of a land how great social media and thoughts of manipulation influence to also great works of translation help many understand how to cure or help. Hence through their connections they become isolated to that of torn or together as one whole. Let them see love in a wicked generation and non-aggression. Let them speak for their own people, a land ancient which taught us the West of the far East that hates us, to that of the West or that which connects the other boundaries of the world. Hence I have not mentioned the North or South here.

    You people cause your own Babylon or accuse a land once filled with honor as it parish in its reputation but yes the state would be an idol to some as many do not know what their political corruptness had done to persecute each life meaninglessly. Though people can dig up the words of the past. Let there be a nation modern and also ancient true of its principles to peace. My LORD came from MT. Sinai or wherever Moses did walk. But worse it is to become ancient and know the powers to be and to associate to the violence of powers which so many have ordained and could not preserve; too vain be their leaders in all directions. You have become great a world but have the populations of fear and therefore communicate not so as if you say the world is over populated yet life lazy to grow seeds good for agriculture to healing environment to treat. Civil is a world over time or indecent if so brainwashed, but grown with what was once beautiful but to the culture of man regress. Yet understanding so great improve upon to such and mockery ascend. Do not tempt the LORD your GOD. I know for a fact I broke one of the laws and if you break any, you are breaking of them all. There is much life in being forgiven, if so one was blameless and yet took on position for a world’s mistake. Much happens among the media. It makes us wonder then should we realize the world be so critical as to choose a willful murderer BARTABUS over that of the TRUE LORD’s SON? Such happened once. And America has lost its respect of dignity though honorable still a LORD provides for the people. I relate this as the elections should have been stopped knowing we had a corrupt administration.

    Though they will do anything to take from those who have no income of sustainability. Those who could not work or walk unless lazy by choice to neglectful of what life sustains need some way to live as much as the over development of highways, prevents those from safely traveling due to border confliction. They need to understand shelter to the environment for which is grown to what is witnessed. It may not be possible knowing they did not think, but many inventions could improve such basis of what was passed on or taken.

    I being a man understands I so more than the fathers to the ancestors? Such be not so but in the thought to the many regret their mistakes. Silent is a man toward many but great be the insight of those my age to what have we sought for or how can we understand as many denied the statues of the rock as Moses struck it out of anger being the wilderness. To follow a LORD true to his words, even if I cannot live mine or one man alone not be worthy. Around the middle age range to that of adulthood but younger than the elder, I ask what then does the man do with their life besides to travel, to seek, to grow, to learn, to live a peaceful life apart from that which is settlement or laziness with sports actors and media. I grew up in a world where the younger of us got benefits, as others feared the technological powers to be so that the capabilities. They are now going to censor a generation or more, that of corporate, but in this I see granted that writing my thoughts down is not possible as a whole. The technologies granted to us with resource can be put to good use. The world sees not its error and they do not try to prevent a disaster before it happens to get worse when they see it. I hold my flag at half mask for many who pass away to they who thought with invention pass their talents where others could or to did not adapt.

    The knowledge of the fathers to the natives is lost but kept in memory to preservation by the elder to some the younger pass on. Others as myself forgot who or what was close and others faded from site on your soil, that of many lands as our own also with which we are as the blood entitled for which we are born of a citizenship associated to where we came from. What others sought hopefully was not greed or benefits but systematic stability and theology. I regret not being able to travel as authorities took from the millennial age access to what I so can use today. To observe from the power which so has cursed its land let the land rest and seasons renew with vitality. Less of a population or to many I had seen flee from me. Those are young a land to people my age died mercilessly due to other peoples’ cause. What is worth a life to protect or such sacrifice to gain. The LORD finds it meaningless and desires it not so in the NEW to the OLD since its reincarnate or state of being. Manifested is the mind, more dangerous under that of what indeed finds itself to be proven real to collide with the existing world.

    The people as torn as can be due to the discontent of what others see us as a single race to that of can we grow united? I have nothing wrong toward the world, besides your movements and protective radicalism to what others perceived upon sexuality and discretionally molest out of habit or choice. There is greater than a grudging heart and fear of race to internationalist. It is the mercy to prayer, to bless for a goodness from ones persecutes rather than obstruct society with that of violence as those who curse and persecute for a centuries damage. The world is corrupt and beyond that which lied during the Satanic movements to that of a church radicalization. I know my LORD is alive, because as I speak and others speak of him, a LORD live unseen yet proven through many hands at the nations whom so we had argued yet tried by them to live rightly.

    How I despised my land to where did the knowledge or insight of such land be granted to me or so where from; as this of your so called Babylon or was it a land greater than that? though each one scattered as so be it through the gaps that these words be meant for the protection of what is civil to that order which so endured and time to its end be a balance. I being a non-reader somewhat of books to how does a vocabulary of one’s thoughts improve? Even from a fallen state there is much resurrected or known while suffering. Yet, others know more than I, because I take not the interest of you or I to trying to perceive do not understand lessons taught if so there is difficulty to conflicts.

    Truly not only self-taught, they preserve what is relative as others of us care not for the lies but rather what is true if so proven and not just told. Can a man lend an ear and not the other cut it off without more than one chance to understand? Why do you as we imagine what is vain towards another without sure just reason? Your leaders have failed but not the structure which holds true for each to agendas of corrupt, therefore there is still stability in minimal lands. The world has become lazy whereas in the past they taught greater truth but not understandable to the modern as time grow and elapse the generations educational gap for the younger. It is sad to state or may it be an insight to how long did it take thousands of years to understand? How is it a world still does not understand compassion to the web corrupted many because violence was indicative of each to us a dark past. Let it be left in the dust your grudge and see to it someone realizes each across the land.

    And if so they do, why do they not act it? Do they respect true of what came from their own place to that of sovereignty? It is not because of this that the LORD chose, but it was defined for the TRUE LORD’s glory. Jewish or Gentile, one values them each and true it be the prophecies were meant for those true who needed the words stated to them. GOD’s prophecies were for Jacob known as Israel. What has happened was the modern became intercepted with the past and the teachers hold back truth from you to my generation. They grow and pass. But many behold them. They know who we are, will come to seek because of their failure to greed. Material is not what is valued here, but knowledge to live as life to see its chance glorious before my eyes. How America you are fallen among the dust to granted protection, you are a land of immigrants from every nation. What has a state to many more seen was in fact a shift in this paradigm of a world. I knew a wicked mindset younger to dealt with it mentally and to see the things a man should not see. A man has confessed it all knowing how could he forgive himself. Blameless was a man found among that of rebels to you the wicked and those who sought good and continues to pray for each, even if he was lost or observant.

    I will not let a world fall as the LORD apart from me at times hated iniquity, but that is a choice the worlds make of themselves to that of mankind with many lands to over develop and not conserve in humanitarian efforts for much at stake. I will not fight as the radicals, but I explain to you the faith I hold or that has protected many. I value the respectable of the Middle East, to whom value non-persecution but love family or tribe as that of the native Indian who by much of people were nearly forgotten or hidden on my land persecuted by ancestry. Everyone is foreign to their own place of their own or distinctive land. I grew up with those of many lands to whom no longer or rarely does one communicate or see.

    Whereas many were neglectful of their own to brainwash they being the simple. Who releases a child at young age and considers them prepared for the world? And why is it you are cannibals? What is so the legality norm is not so stable as people older to younger persecute over what is invalid but caused among the innocent. In your fields unknown compared to what is over developed I do not understand. I know the communications have caused a problem or better yet have enhanced in a careless portion. Globalization was the worst case and so was to bring in or deport if so people be nothing at the heart but murderers to rapists or commit slavery. If you put one in their zone to that of condition, indeed it is true that one cannot live unless they value something far above them or as GOD so grant the man survival. Some will want death because of suffering, and some of us due to the complications, but most important is this, that some of us will seek death and cannot find who seek, because we value the Life not so sometimes which is managed by the TRUE LORD.

    Some will want to live, they will die because of many reasons or circumstances out of control, yet who was it that followed a LORD that the LORD take a man who walks worthy? As such as I had seen of my friends who were in their devotions and studied them and lived love to heart. Is it true that a man is satisfied fully, or will there be something that brings that man an interception block to that path they so need to walk? My LORD, is every man’s LORD and not an angel below or above to that which so first gives them life or that of a devilish chaos that sought power above to ask for knowledge, hence why Lucifer fell to the Earth. A man values what is true of himself or many but is tested with a chance for better or for worse. The protections of a man are as great as what their weal lets them; too greater is a provision not by choice.

    The heart is indeed founded on the deepest compassion for which so gives me the weal to type with these hands. No man is a GOD I acknowledge but that which grants it life to that of which I would adjust some meanings as if I were an example or so if that be of another, or unless such be it that granted be the one whose inheritance was given as a heritage to proclamation of prophecies. To tell many of that which THE LORD is merciful to just, because it has a right to grant or take life, is to grant such memory its position. Let my praise be honorable though history to attribute of attitude cannot reflect. I would in fact know that there is no such thing as perfectionism in even the greatest life though mankind defines perfection as the TRUE LORD defined each to the concepts so deep; yet cannot act as that which is righteous without valid reason to be proclaimed by another man or dignity. A co-existence of the mortality to that of what is spirit.

    I challenge them online to be true to who one is and the younger to take on a challenge to that of the older as myself to claim. Even I take that walk. What to them is the truth of Christianity apart from the concepts of myself or we the man to that of see upon us to know whom or what is worthy? The answer is found in what values these mystery’s challenges as for every problem, there in fact was some solution besides what is regrettable and taken back to the dust for which it came time and much had faded.

    It is they take up their banner though many beliefs as proven to us the man as those persecuted before and after. Even ones’ own relative cannot open seal to also live accordingly. Within these concepts I explain a purpose though a confusing factor. This is a concept of GOD. A LORD though would ask me, who or what defines greater than the heavens to the earth, to what then is sought of immortality to powers? To who do you say I am and what have you sought greater than me? I know within but not that of THE FIRST GOD a name. We know HIS son, JESUS THE CHRIST, a created first being. What raises a dead man to life as others seek what is true to find a life to death cure? Such is fallacy as man sought power and corruption of what is good. Yet knowledgeable was the man earthly to the heavenly. Lessons taken true for not knowing is relatable to JOB. I could be granted everything at the digressions of want. But true it will not satisfy, over that of need. I may have possession but it will wear away. I value what I hold which while reading this if so there be any expression at all… makes a man cry.

    I am satisfied by such, that one knows love regardless of ones’ nature as those others of mankind though conflicted. Love is not sex, it is not to mistreat the body, as much as live onward for what is right to that distinction to discern. It is not bestial to cultish of indecency. A woman is a helper to a man. As much as many know or read Genesis stories. Apart from the stories are facts of reality, a man and a woman and true relationships. I respect not a perverse world, though indeed thoughts are not perfect of each gender how they act toward one another. There is nothing good pure under the sun that has not seen wickedness. And I as many others sought after what indeed is virtue to realize. The LORD my GOD condemns homosexuality though why search for it or act it as the world gone wrong?

    As much as it is not right. LGBTQP etc., you so name what is promoted among us each. Define to me a world that knows not sex only, but love that is virtuous with a heartfelt compassion naturally that cares. This is not the way a man attempts on a woman. Hence so the feminist movement. And women know respect for a man as vice should be. There are lessons one cannot say or mention because of how critical the subjects are, to what would others do seek that man harm as the days of Lot. To that of what is a true union or companionship. As only time tells what a man decides to be of or with their own. If a man understands this, what corrupts them to the standard of depression or being drunk? To that of how dare they put drugs on us that poison the mind or cause people to stumble.

    To treat a disorder rather than to kill a man by persecuting their mind or adjusting to control their life, I find that noble among those who indeed could not understand to those who became more aware. Why do you make fun of the mind to dignity of what monitors the heart? I ask them, and they respond to me or a TRUE LORD higher than me; these people are proper, they are retarded, they are not like us and we have more than them. We gang up on them in a group. I tell them, as the self, talk to a man one on one and be aware that even though one is wrong or right in one way, there is strength to admit that singularity a man is stronger if so not weak to oppress in groups. The world fails at reason; it fell at action rather than to take time to realize.

    The generations who thought that to a certain group, did not know that I could be a poor but also a rich man. Or rich but poor. But those of greed hide their wealth to some preserve it for life hopefully not selfish. What is a bill of exchange that so many be filled with greed? Regardless of where your money came from, every place is developing as a system economic. No matter what word you put there to describe, it relates in a chain.

    I argued the thinking of deists to logic, to that of the liar online to saw wisdom in those dark with light or vice. I know that Anonymous groups have given up their way - a resistance to fight for good, rather than the worst of rings as people gather under one ideal. To prevent a greater disaster this is not my jurisdiction but others must awaken their strengths to minds to know themselves again.

    My ability to recall to whatever inspired one to speak even if there is silence or one is to be silenced by their conditions, know there is a greater Lament and or song. To that of Psalms, Proverbs, I know it will be hard for a man who seen wrong to act godly as that of what is a fruit of good or reading of Romans, Galatians also; if so any found in a man. It is hard to change. But as others told me, be oneself, and be true. I told them far who caused an issue, decipher yourself who you really are. I am not scared of the hidden, yet I to be not involved with the acts of it but seeking reliance on what was above my weal to a confusion in a mirror state of brokenness is not for any man to suffer as the world that wants it to that which accustoms to teach the younger wickedness.

    Neutral is a man apart from any side. Government one does not support as it grew corrupt and hidden beyond the years and closed doors to lies about what should have been presented in a most non-transparent of many an administration, too eldest. Them I could not acknowledge because there were international thieves to what entity do you suppose topple Kings and Queens as others flip society upside down the personalities of people to fear and ruin the lives of public to private individuals.

    To how many of you as one, argue among yourselves and treat us a nation to many of you as one a statistic? I rest knowing my memory shines forth glorious like the stars but has fallen as a man and yes I am not GOD and also I am not a DEMON though we can be sometimes pick-able by much. Because no man as I or ye is perfect and in this I rest in myself that I know THE TRUE LORD EVERY MAN’s GOD. The Lord to others tell me, respect authority and admit your mistakes. Be true. So indeed I try as that of the Son but I know in weakness, there is greater a LORD’s strength of acknowledgement. It being able to admit this, know I am blind. I am not worthy to see, but I give them with my belief and those farther with similarity a chance.

    The LORD above us each, shall decipher out true intents of accountability and self. I have admitted the truth which others flee or they cannot stand. Though I could not stand either without permission granted or of that TRUE GOD to find me worthy. They read more than they listen though I can admit I am not perfect at this either. And if one cannot decipher, write the letters of the understandable for which you so the world understands and send it on paper rather than radicalize among self-blusterous and slanderous with scandal among technological powers. Let the people who value GOD see GOD and not the work of a man’s hands. I defend those who wanted to see and could not see because others persecute the sane to that of many worthy of respect.

    I know somewhere the TRUE LORD is, I feel that each day. It keeps one going though I would be scared to travel the lands as others who with missionary influence sought to build, to plant, to grow, to help. And it is these people who deserve honor more than me for what is not corruption but truth. They will hide it from you, a generations’ insight. But there is always one who fights even if they cannot see or are not worthy. Sports and actors and the reward on Earth or Heaven mean nothing to me more than a TRUE LORD. Who I also criticize, one day will I endure, a man who is of peace but at rest as he has found awareness, love, and compassion though blaming of self, he was forgiven. He asks the world, who challenges the words of THE TRUE GOD to hopefully of mine which I pursue not wicked?

    No work of mine dear LORD can take the place of thine.