• “Get in the bathtub you freak.” The running water didn't fill up the tub fast enough. He was on the floor barely coherent. My arms went under his armpits and used all my weight to hoist him off the floor. Grunting I maneuvered his body over the walls of the bathtub and into the water. Taking deep breaths between him being so heavy and panicking I watched him transform. It looked like the most painful thing anybody could experience. And there he was, fish scales and all. The water didn't quite reach the point where he could put his head under water. I tried turning the knob more but it was all the farther it went. “You can't die on me” I cried, tears running down my face. “Who is going to save me when I explode?” I screamed at his pale, unconscious body. I vigorously splashed water all over him. He didn't tell me how long he was out of the water. I don't know anything about this world. His world. What am I even doing? This shouldn't even exist! His eyes flutter open. “Hey,” he sighed. He reached up putting his hand on my cheek, swiping a tear running down my face. His tail jolted and splashed water everywhere. “Oops.” His voice got stronger. Wiping away my tears, a chuckle came out. “I thought I lost you,” I exclaimed.
    “I'm never leaving, baby girl.” a grin spread across his face, his thumb stroking my cheek.