• about my own journey to success.
    However I discovered about my own self discipline about all these years. However I discovered that at first was a totally shock down to the ground. September 22/ 2017 At first I got all my wisdom teeth pulled out. It's my deepest adventure. The bravest move I ever done in my adult hood. The next huge step of success is getting a haircut by the hair dresser place to get a haircut to the Bob length. Since I walking in my own adult program. My friends didn't even recognize me. I wasn't embarrassed or something. So my friends keep calling me professor snape. I was saying my real name is. People don't realize that I always same as always. So I get nice comments from people. So I actually going away for the few days. And I actually don't want to tell you. So I'm like the actually take away points on people. Well tentically I was rule playing with my friends. And I figured out other possibilities to success by the heart. And no offense I might think another trick on them. Mmmm mah ah hahahahaha.