• well since you don't know me. I get judged by my own physical appearance. While I went to my adult program. I can't be seriously judge what clothes were on my own back. Like given me a break. And I am tired of this judgment from others. I have noticed, my friends were pointing out all the bad guys ( they think I was a bad guy from van helsing, and you know I been talk about Count Dracula) it's just crap.

    Whenever I drank my water in red cup. Others think it's blood. But I drank is water. Well I am just being my own person . Just I wear a lot of black lately. We'll always colored my pictures all different colors of the rainbow. Like I have notice I been walking on both sides. Everyone else thinks I am on the dark side. And my friends think that I am a vampire. But it's just plain craziness. However this is gonna be serious. I couldn't tell anyone. What is the safest.

    So people who don't know me, whenever I wear a pony tail or let my hair down or getting a haircut. I always get shunned about the way I look. Well I ate mostly fruit and vegetables and very little meat. My best friend from high school thinks I am the vegetarian. But I am not a vegetarian. Just because it's my own life style.

    So once a while I ate bread. But others I don't. Why I get seriously judge by the food I ate. So i try to hide in the tunnels. So I always glow in the dark. Well I glow in the dark, because I couldn't see my friends in the dark, well I couldn't go to the tanning beds and look like a leather purse.