• Are you feel at rage and wanted to find jack sparrow. Do you want to scare your friends? Well you are coming in the right place. So here it is.

    how to dress like captain Salazar?

    1. Avoid getting a tan, you could use it for higher s.p.f as possible because it might be hot in the summer. If you were outside during the day even. You could use the umbrella as you wish.
    Tip) remember Salazar is known for he always sailed when there's no day light in ten decades.

    2. Watch pirates of the Caribbean pay the every detail of him, the way he walks or runs in water.
    Tip) you could always practice at home or practice the foot movement of him.

    3. Grew your hair out in the middle of your back, and did it blue black. It might take a long time or couple of years to grew it out, and make it greasy . tip) if you wish not to do this, you could always use the wig.

    4. Work on your own dark glare and let your eyebrows down wards. Summary) Salazar have rough times sailed in seas for so long he is mad at captain jack sparrow after all he's at rage.

    5. Wear all black with some white and grey all of time, no color at all . Tip) you could always wear button up shirt, old style with blacks, Greys, or whites. After all he's is a ghost after all.

    6. Wear good quality of boots with buckles or laces, you might want to choose. Make sure it's only black. It could made with non vegan leather or better yet real leather or used leather.

    7. Eat healthy to make your skin glow. So you could glow in the dark at night time. Tip) eat more fruit and vegetables, less meat, less dairy products, or better yet no grain products, if you wish.

    8. Run fast so your hair could float around, so your friend could feel the wind you past by. Or better yet trying to scare your friends. Only when you look like you are chasing pirates.

    9.Go swimming in the rec centere, only in the deep pool, make sure it's deep enough for you can't touch the bottom. If you don't know how to swim, you could always take swimming lessons.

    10. Speaking in the Spanish accent practice to yourself, until your have self confidence around you. And always so Salazar quotes as you choose. Practice, then you could scare your friends.


    1. If your friends are fans of captain jack sparrow, they might be afraid of you.
    2. Be careful about using sunscreen on your body, be careful it is best to use it in the morning. Use less chemicals the better. When you are in the hot sun all day in the summer. Please.
    3. Please don't be mean to your friends.
    4. Some are of those things were good for your health.
    5. You might missed the beautiful colors on your back.
    6. Captain Salazar came up creepy when in real life.
    7. Your friends might make fun of you.
    8. This look is not to meant for everyone.
    9. Go for one step at the time.
    10. And please don't yell at your friends because it will make them cry.