• This is topic on for those who wanted to become goth. However this topic isn't about drugs and violence. Well here's my world to you. I will show you on wanted to become goth. Well I don't like the label though on this you guys. And I will show you on how I become the odd ball like I am.

    1. Well I look up on all the resources and did a lot of research on Wikipedia on this sub culture. And look on different architecture in art forms and also bands for examples ( sister of mercy, bah-house, the cure, elend, pink turns blue). There's some Tim Burton movies. Look for some interesting movies, you might like for examples (batman, night mare before Christmas, and more). Don't do it all at once, start some knowledge. It might take a couple of years of education. I did my research since 2008 and still going. Even put thought into it. It might take a lot of time.

    2. Well starting developing wearing deeper richer jewel tone colors. Following the color of crystals to get better view. For examples ( forest green, dark purples, crimson red, navy blues, deeper teals, hot pink, white, silver, grey, and black) not all of them but a lot of something. You don't have to wear black everyday, looking like you heading to funeral everyday. If you have orange or yellow or brown, don't threw them out because you think that's not goth, just donate it.

    3. Added some texture. Like for examples lace,velvet, leather, silk,or cotton. Well, cotton is keep you cool in the summer because if you wear black, you'll absorbed heat. There are non leather if you are a vegan or vegetarian. You don't have to own all these textures. Or you don't have to.

    4. Makeup: if you start wearing heavy makeup. First metallic eyeshadow for example (silver) you could put black to the crease. Then add the white then go heavy on black eye liner. If you brave enough shave your eyebrows and draw them back on. Or maintain your eyebrows by plucking with tweezers. Apply dark lipstick or light colored one.( however I shaved my eyebrows off before, and I looked awful) if you naturally arched eyebrows don't shaved them off please.

    5. Die your hair or don't. If you have strict parents who don't let you to die your hair. That's okay, you could add hair extensions or ribbon, to braid your hair to your natural hair color too add them on, or remove them again. Wear some hair clips. If you parents allow you to die your hair. If you were national light blonde hair add the blue or purple streak in your hair. If you naturally dark brown hair going to all the way to jet black with accent of blue or purple streak at the front.

    6. don't hang out with bad people. Well don't socialize with bad people who do drugs. And take me seriously. Don't smoke because smoking is terrible for your own health. If you smoke you choke. And don't even drink wine or beer.plus you could do this by breaking out the stereotypes.

    7. Paint your nails in rich jewel colors go comfortable. Following your true colors by the style.

    8. Do it yourself protects. Well you could do some fabric spray painting, and fabric painting, sewing, weaving and braiding.it might take patience and practice. Because so,e of the d.i.y could be failed or pass. Be careful, don't cut yourself. Find some Images or go with the color scheme.

    9. learning how to play music. By learning different musical instruments. Learning cords to the songs letters. Or if you beginner collected all beginner books. Well I play acordian and the Yamaha organ, ocarina, and piano at my adult program. Depends what you play.

    10. Be yourself as the individual. And stick to the supportive friends and parents. And you could still do fun activities. Be kind to everyone and nice. Don't scowl or be rude to other people.

    Items you need.
    Journal for your research
    Money of budget
    Hair dye optional
    Silver spikes or chains
    Belts optional.
    Jewel tone nail varnish


    1. If you parents weren't allow you to become goth or your parents think that's for losers . Just go slowly, and explain why you wanted to become the new member of the goth subculture.

    2. Do not warship satan because keep yourself warmed.

    3. Don't go quickly on this, go slowly and be creative with this.

    4. Do not do any drugs and alcohol.

    5. Don't do black magic.

    6. You might loose friends or gain some.

    7. It's harder to find the job.

    8. Getting the job is absolutely painful.