• Theory: At LEAST 1 state in every area of the US is a major testing ground for new laws, social experiments, medicine, disease, drugs, terror-attacks, ect. I believe these tend to be very Democratic and Liberal states due to the majority there being far too naive, sensitive, and open to change - the less government they want the more they will get, just so they can be guinea pigs for them; While the government let's them think they're free.

    The 4 states I think they are:

    California: West:
    1. Has (assumed) Direct Energy Weapons testing - the California Wildfires along the track of where a high speed rail train was being built.
    2. It is legal to knowingly infect STD FREE people.
    3. Has issued some of the first Nonbinary ID cards/birth certificates.
    4. Cocaine was introduced into the Black community by the CIA.
    5. Realistic Military Training (RMT) in suburban/urban areas with civilians.
    6. Bohemian Grove.

    Florida: South:
    1. Where Bath Salt Zombies first originated.
    2. 'Florida Man' is a regular phenomenon of men doing very crazy and strange things.
    3. Cocaine was introduced into the Black community by the CIA.
    4. Jade Helm 15 exercises AKA Realistic Military Training (RMT) in small towns with civilians.
    5. ***** 'Village' full of ***** who vow to 'never commit again'

    New York: East
    1. New York was among the first to allow genders to be change on birth certicates/IDs
    2. The woman who coined the term 'Black Lives Matter' (Travis Gosa) and made it trending is from here.
    3. The Boston Bombings.
    4. The 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers- In their place the 'One World' Trade Center was made.
    5. Forced vaccinations.

    Michigan: North
    1. The Flint Michigan water contamination crisis - which still hasn't been fully fixed.
    2. Mid-Michigan supposedly uses more power than the Grand Rapids despite its small size.

    No 4 places could be so shitty without good (or bad) reasons. I mainly pay attention to Florida, New York, and California for weird things going on, so I couldn't remember much of the crazy stuff going on with Michigan. I'm sure you guys will fill me in on other crazy MAJOR things going on in these states. I'll edit as you guys tell me.

    I also think there are lesser important secondary states that are more so used for secret deals and meetings, and are used as the underbelly of many organizations in the government:

    Washington: West:
    1. PizzaGate/Comet Ping Pong pizza
    2. Satanic Temple
    3. DonutGate/Voodoo Doughnuts

    Other things in Washington:
    1. Legalized 'Commercial Surrogacy" AKA For-Profit surrogacy: While it is certainly any mother’s right to give her child up for adoption, or to have a surrogate child for an infertile couple, removing the commercial incentive serves as a barrier to breeding babies for the sole purpose of trafficking.

    Because of the loopholes in commercial surrogacy laws, the “parents” who purchase the babies do not undergo the same screenings as parents who are trying to adopt. Instead, they simply create a contract, pay money, and purchase a baby. Anyone with enough money—including human traffickers—will be able to go to Washington state, starting on Jan. 1, 2019, and purchase a human baby, no questions asked.

    As the website ThemBeforeUs points out, we will never be able to track who is buying these children and where they are being taken. We won’t know the outcome for a child/children purchased by a man, grown in the uterus of a woman desperately in need of money. We won’t know that he left with the child, or multiple children, with the sole intent to sell them for sex. We won’t know that he has turned to surrogacy instead of plucking children off the street at the Port Authority bus terminal in order to prostitute them. Conveniently for him, “intended parent” offers far fewer entanglements than does kidnapping runaways.

    Maine: East
    1. Many different occult groups.
    2. Free Mason lodge.

    Texas: South
    1. Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory

    Idk which other states would be secondary states used for meetings.

    Here's some links to some of the things I've mentioned:
    RMT in LA California

    Bath Salt Zombie in Florida:

    ***** Village in Florida :

    One World Trade Center in New York: