• Is Prince Eric from 'The Little Mermaid' the SON to King Agnarr and Queen Iduna from 'Frozen'?

    I came up with this theory while researching 'deep' into The Little mermaid and discovered that Prince Eric, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna are ALL from the country of Arendell.

    Let's get this strait:
    Germany = Corona Arendell -Where Eric and Rapunzel are
    Norway = Arendell - Where the king and queen are

    *it's possible for 2 redheaded parents to have a non redheaded child.
    *All 3 have blue eyes.

    Prince Eric wanted a life of adventure instead of the responsibilities of being the first born son, and heir to the throne, of the Arendell (Nordic) royal family; So he asked his parents if he could join the Navy instead; Begrudgingly they said 'yes'.

    They sent Prince Eric to go train/work in the naval/academy of a family member's kingdom - Rapunzel's kingdom, working under her father, King Fredrick of Corona Arendell. This was so he could learn to be his own person, but family could still keep an eye on him.

    King Agnarr and Queen Iduna allowed Prince Eric to live to their 'summer beach home' (his castle we see in The Little Mermaid) in Corona Arendell (Germany) to attend a naval academy. (This would also explain why his friends on the ship are all dressed in naval uniforms.)

    Him being in the Navy is why his parents, and even his butler, urged him to quickly find a wife of royal lineage while in Corona Arendell (Germany); They were scared he would be killed in the line of duty and would bare no child to be the next heir to the throne and that their rival family members or even foreign royal families would cease the power and end their rule. This is also why they were also eager for him to marry the Princess of Glowerhaven, which he wasn't interested in.

    King Agnarr and Queen Iduna sail from Arendell (Norway) to Corona Arendell (Germany) to attend their niece, Rapunzel's, wedding coronation to Eugene Fitzherberg (Flynn Rider) (from Tangled); Which was around the time of Prince Eric's 18th birthday (as we see Eric celebrating in the beginning of The Little Mermaid); So before the wedding the King and Queen would have stopped and visited their son Eric when they docked on the coast of Corona Arendelle since that's also where their 'beach house' is - Possibly wanting to take him to the coronation ceremony to try and find him a wife while at the wedding/party.

    Along the way to Corona Arendell, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna's ship sinks and becomes the boat we see in the beginning of The Little Mermaid (broken at the bottom of the sea).

    Prince Eric wouldn't know, until after the first movie, that his parents were presumed dead at sea.

    Prince Eric wouldn't ask the whereabouts or status of his sisters (?), Anna and Elsa, because they were not born until AFTER Prince Eric had already left for the naval academy; Meaning Prince Eric didn't even know he had sisters (?).

    The King and Queen were going to surprise him with the news of his new sisters upon meeting him in Corona Arendell; They didn't want to send a messenger boat or letter to him in fear the information would get into the wrong hands and Anna and Elsa would also be KIDNAPPED for having magical powers, like their cousin Rapunzel did.

    The King and Queen decided to not take Elsa and Anna to the coronation as they thought it was best to keep them in the complete safety of their kingdom in Arendell; In which Elsa could also 'test-drive' running the kingdom while they were away, and Anna could have a better chance in getting closer to her sister.

    This is also why in the 2nd movie 'The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea' we see that Eric is now a king; Not because he married Ariel - also of royal lineage, but because his father, King Agnarr (and his mother, Queen Iduna), has passed away and he took control of the throne as he assumed he was the only living heir.

    Meaning Elsa is Queen at the same time Eric is king - and both of them know nothing about each other, and were ruling the same kingdom from different parts of the country.

    Eric decided to stay at the families' 'beach house' because he, and Ariel, ended up having a major fear of the sea after the first movie; So much so, that they forbid their daughter, Melody, from ever going near it and telling her it's a dangerous place; This partly because Ursula, and her sister Morgana were there, but also because the ocean is what caused his parents to be killed during a shipwreck.

    King Agnarr and Queen Iduna ended up surviving the shipwreck, and washed up on the shore of an island where they gave birth to a son who was named 'Tarzan'; Who's been confirmed by the directors to be related to Anna and Elsa, and if that's true then, according to my theory, he's also related to Eric, and is the oldest sibling out of all 4 of them; With them all being the cousins to Rapunzel.