• My Spiritual Number: 2

    Time of birth: 8:22AM

    Zodiac sign: Taurus - 2nd position in the Zodiac constellation

    Birth: 2nd born

    Birth date: 05/09/95 - x2 0s, 2x 5s, x2 9s - All double numbers

    2 of my names (middle/last) have 2 of the same letters next to each other - x2 N's, x2 E's

    Numerology number: 2

    Switch 2 letters of my birth month/name to spell eachother: MAy/AMy

    My Tarot Cards - x2 - Hierophant (High Priest),and High Preistess (both genders)


    Spiritual things that have happened to me:

    At 8yrs old I predicted/was told by an energy/force:
    - Both President Barrack Obama and Donald Trump by last name first/first name last
    - Trump would be a wealthy, firm, strong, business man with leadership qualities.
    - Obama was a Muslim
    - Obama's birth certificate was going to be called into question
    - Trump would have a son named Barron Trump, who will be important
    - Obama would have a wife named Michelle and her birth gender would be called into question
    - Feelings would be more important than facts and would shape society and politics
    - The belief that it's ok to be racist towards whites would be ok during and after Obama
    - Gay marriage would be legalized under Obama
    - 3rd Wave Feminism would rise and cause division
    - The LGBT would become extremely popular
    - Antifa would become a thing

    Minor predictions/Energy tellings:
    - My friend Ruby would get a strait bang cut and dye her hair burgundy; Happened that same day without her saying she would prior.
    - The feeling of wanting to use my own blood as paint to paint a picture; About 1 and 1/2 months later a guy was shown in the news and on social media to be making paintings out of donated blood and his own blood. (2014 or 2015 - can't fully remember)
    - I told my friend Aaron that his real name wasn't Aaron and that he's lying to me. I told him what his real name is, and he sent me a picture of his ID card, proving me right.
    - Always knowing exactly what episode of a TV show is before it comes on or looking on the TV guide; Always being an episode I like.

    Most recent predictions/Energy tellings (2019)
    - 1 and 1/2 months before it happened: Notre Dame being set on fire within the week of Easter; Kept getting the Energy telling me to watch historical videos about Notre Dame and to watch the Disney Movie 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' and specifically watch the scenes where it's on fire and being destroyed because it would happen soon.

    Other: (As of August 17, 2019)
    -I've been seeing a lot of things involving 'apples' lately, at least for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Whether it's items or names in video games, books, pictures, toys, TV shows; A lot of apple related things. Might be something, I'm not sure yet; The Energy hasn't really told me anything other than slight nudges telling me that I should notice they're there a lot.


    Things that happened between spiritual connections with friends:
    Aaron Reese:
    - Sent me a vision of a Hell Hound, in Hell, when I was sending him visions and feelings of pink cherry blossoms and loving energy. (He asked for positive support, but didn't actually want it - just to throw a pity party for him)
    *** The Hell Hound looked like a Doberman Pinscher; It had eyes bulging out of its sockets with no pupils or irises, just white centers with bloodshot red on the outer rims. It's body was made of black cooled magma skin, with fresh red and yellow magma burning under it, which could be seen through the cracks in the skin. It has a blazing fire mane like a lion. No tail. The area surrounding it had an orange/purple cloudy sky, orange rocks and ground - no plants, dirt, or other animals were around, a few twigs and trees with no leaves stood up from the ground. It growled, then barked in a strange tone and lunged at me, forcing me to get out of my meditation.
    - He told me he was going to perform a special ritual (I think using magick from Metatron's Cube) to help his sick friend; That same night I had a dream of him, his friend (who I'd never seen before), and her having a seizure as a result of the ritual.
    *** Me and Aaron were on a beach-side cliff riding horses, his white and mine brown, to the farthest edge of the cliffs where a lighthouse stood. As we reach the lighthouse we stopped our horses and looked down on the shoreline where we saw a group of horsemen riding towards a woman, who I'd later find out was an exact depiction of his friend, lying on her back on the beach with her eyes closed. As the horsemen got to her they slowed and then stopped, their horses circling her; Some were white, others were grey and brown. There were 9 (I think) in total, they were dressed in old Roman tunics with laurels on their heads; They looked to be around their 40s-50s in age with some having brown hair and other having salt-and-pepper hair. They were all Caucasian. The leader had a brown horse, short salt-and-pepper hair, a white tunic with a red sash over his right shoulder, and golden laurels on his head. They all got off their horses and circled her, they pulled out their swords, raised them to the sky, said something, and all simultaneously stabbed her once into each limb, the torso, and her head and kept them in there. Her body started to shake violently, keeping her eyes closed; Then I woke up. Turns out she had a seizure in her sleep after Aaron had done the ritual.
    - Aaron brought up that he had been feeling like he wanted to use his own blood to do a painting at the same time I had the same exact feeling.
    *** This was back in 2014 or 2015, when I was receiving spiritual information that a blood-using artist was about to be put in the national spotlight about a month later. Aaron I were close enough that we could share thoughts, feelings, and urges, and could even work our way into each other's dreams.


    Foretelling/ of events that happened to me in dreams:
    - The seizure that happened to Arron's friend in a dream after he performed a ritual on her (won't go over again).
    - Astral Projection into the Astral realm.
    ***** I awoke from the couch as if I were wide awake, got up and looked around my house; Knowing I was actually still asleep. My house had a blue tinted glow to everything, and the things that didn't had heavy black shadows on them, the house had everything in it's place in correlation to the real world - just a little bit more neat and organized; It reminds me of the 'Further' from the movie 'Insidious' that came out a few years later. I walked towards my kitchen and then turned to face the hallway, I stared down it, looking into my moms room at the end with the door wide open. I could only see pitch blackness and a slight bit of blue tint shining from behind my moms curtain windows. As I stared into her room I heard 2 male disembodied voices speak directly to me, one on each side of me; Both sounding slightly high pitched - maybe in their mid 20s from what I guess. Keeping my head and body in the direction of my moms room the first voice spoke on my right side and said "Oh look! There she is!" with the other voice on my left side speaking up and answering "Yeah, too bad she's too scared to go closer." I couldn't get myself to answer them, and could only think 'You know what? You're right, I am scared', and with that I forced my heart to start racing and telling myself to wake up - and a few seconds later I did. I looked around and everything was exactly the way it was when I went to sleep, my mom laying on the couch next to me watching tv and my brother walking around the house; I asked them if they or the TV said the things I heard or saw anything weird and they both said no.
    - Pretty much 'mastering' forcing myself to wake up on conscious command from a dream/nightmare.
    - Receiving a call on an old cord phone and knowing it was my mom; Only to wake up just as she called.
    - A dream about Arron basically "cheating" on and using me along with 6 other women who were in the form of cats in the dream.
    **** Arron was in his bedroom and had a plastic cupboard next to his bed, the cupboard had 3 sliding boxes. The top box had 3 older cats laying down in it; When he tried to play them using cat toys they ignored it for the most part as they all laid side-by-side, but apart; Representing them being no-nonsense older women who are separate, but equal in importance and usefulness to him; That they're ready to settle down in life. In the 2nd box below were 4 kittens who were all playing and running around with toys and would follow yarn Arron dragged around while Arron played with them - giving them just enough attention to keep them interested; Representing the young, uncontrollable, and free women + me in our early 20s, that he talked to, and would pretend to care about and would dangle affection in front of us to keep us tagging along and following him in case he had to fall back on us if the other 3 fell through. I confronted Aaron about the dream and asked about the other women; Due to our spiritually connected past incidents Aaron knew it would be best to try not to lie; So he admitted to talking to 3 older women and 3 younger women. When I asked if he only talked to us to keep as a fall back plan he also admitted to that, needless to say things didn't end well. (He kept us all around because he was basically going to be homeless and needed women to believe they were his girlfriend and that he loved them so he could have a place to stay.)


    Things that have happened to me because of being a Physical Empath:
    - Have gotten nauseous and vomited when an internet friend did at the same time, even though they didn't tell me they were sick.
    - Have gotten migraines and headaches when internet friends have, only feeling better when they did.
    - Sharp pains in certain areas where a friend got hurt, even without me seeing it, being told, ect.


    Things I've Willed to happen on accident/purpose:
    - My old friends Michael, Aaron, Ashley, Eddie, Charlie, and Samantha to contact me through Facebook after not talking for months/years.
    - Have half of my moms face to droop/become paralyzed because I wanted people to see how 2-faced she is.
    - My friend Jeremy's bike being stolen and taken apart to be sold off.


    Trying to explain how I received information of the future and Willed things to happen:


    I know I'm/I have:
    Claircognizance - 'Clear Knowing' - pecifically refers to the knowing of an event, occurrence, intention, or another facet of existence even without any evidence to lead to that knowledge. Despite having no information about an event, claircognizant people can feel that they know a piece of information that they have yet to be presented with and are consistently proven correct by the outcome of the situation.
    Clairempathy/Physical Empath -